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Banking Awareness Quiz - 20 Important Questions

Published on Saturday, September 23, 2017
Banking Awareness Quiz for today :-
Banking awarenss

Q1. State Bank of India, Antwerp was opened on the_____:
a) 16 July, 1983
b) 15th July, 1983
c) 17 July, 1983
d) None of These

Q2.SBI was established on:
a) 1 July, 1955
b) 4 July, 1955
c) 1 April, 1955
d) None of These

Q3.Which of the following is not a state bank group subsidiary:
a) State Bank of Travancore
b) State Bank of Saurashtra
c) State Bank of Indore
d) State Bank of Allahabad
d) None of These

Q4.Which among the following complaints not dealt by SEBI:
a) Complaints falling under the purview of the regulatory bodies like RBI, IRDA,                  PFEDA, CCI, FMC etc.
b) Complaints regarding Pension Fund
c) Complaints regarding Commodities
d) All of Above
e) None of These

Q5. SCORES stands for:
a) SEBI Complaints Redress System
b) Special Complaints Redress System
c) Sources for Complaints Redress System
d) None of These

Q6. SEBI conducts ______ and _______action in its executive function and it passes ruling and orders in its judicial capacity:
a) Efficient and Effective
b) Investigation and Enforcement
c) Regulation and Leadership
d) None of These

Q7. The rolling cycle of T + 2 means, Settlement is done in______after trade date:
a) 2 Days
b) 2 Months
c) 2 Weeks 
d) None of These

Q8.The Central Office of the Reserve Bank was permanently moved to Mumbai in _____:
a) 1934
b) 1937
c) 1935
d) None of These

Q9. Management of RBI consists of (Regarding Governor and Deputy Governors):
a) 1 Governor + 3 Deputy Governor
b) 1 Governor + 4 Deputy Governors
c) 1 Governor + 5 Deputy Governors
d) None of These

Q10.The BFS's board member are appointed for term of :
a) 2 years
b) 3 years
c) 4 years
d) None of These

Q11. The Deputy Governor in charge of banking regulation and supervision, is nominated as the ________of the (BFS) board:
a) Head
b) Vice-Chairman
c) President
d) None of These

Q12.When a Bank returns a cheque unpaid, it is called:  
 a)  Dishonor of the Cheque   
 b)  Cheque Bounce
 c)  Both Dishonor and Bounce of the Cheque
 d)  None of these

Q13.Mortgage is Security on:
a) Immovable Property
b)  Movable Property
c) Both Movable and Immovable Property
d)  None of these          

Q14. Full form of FINO:
a) Financial Information Network and Operation Limited
b) Finance Information Network Organization
c) Finance in Network Organization
d) None of these

Q15. The reserves which can act as liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times are:
a) CRR and SLR
b) Only CRR
c) Only SLR
d) None of these

Q16. Money Laundering is:
a) Conversion of money which is illegally obtained
b) Conversion of money which is legally obtained
c) All converted money
d) None of these

Q17. Interest on savings bank account now calculated by the banks on:
a) Daily Product Basis
b) Monthly Product Basis
c) Weekly Basis
d) None of these

Q18.Where are four regional centres of RBI located? 
a) Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. 
b) Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Gujrat
c) Gurarat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi 
d) None of these

Q19.Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog ?
a) Sindhu Shri Khullar
b) Arvind Panagariya
c) Narendra Modi
d) Arvind Kejriwal
e) None of these

Q20. Which among the following is the oldest Public Sector Bank of India?
a) Punjab National Bank 
b) Central Bank of India
c) Allahabad Bank
d) Bank of Baroda 
e) State Bank of India

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