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Expected Banking Awareness Questions - Part 2

Published on Sunday, September 24, 2017
banking and financial awareness quiz
1. Branches receive Potential Linked Plan through:
    (a) Block Level Banker's Committee
    (b) State Level Banker's Committee
    (c) District Consultative Committee
    (d) Lead Bank Department

2. National Income of India is estimated by:
    (a) Central Estimates Survey Committee
    (b) National Sample Survey Committee
    (c) Central Statistical Organization
    (d) Finance Ministry
    (e) None of these

3. Invoice is a:
    (a) Accounting document
    (b) Legal document
    (c) Commercial document
    (d) All of these
    (e) None of these

4. A cheque dated 31-4-2009 cannot be paid before:
    (a) 30-4-2009
    (b) 01-05-2009
    (c) either A or B
    (d) such cheque cannot be paid
    (e) None of these

5. Commercial Paper is a:
    (a) Demand Promissory Note
    (b) Usance Promissory Note
    (c) Government Promissory Note
    (d) Bond issued by a Company
    (e) None of these

6. Garnishee Order can be issued by:
    (a) a competent court
    (b) a debtor
    (c) a creditor
    (d) a bank
    (e) None of these
7. In respect of which of the following account, Interest rate is controlled by RBI:
    (a) overdraft in Per-segment
    (b) Recurring Deposits Account
    (c) Savings Bank Account
    (d) FCNRB. Account
    (e) None of these

8. Loan is not granted by bank against security of:
    (a) Gold Ornaments
    (b) Certificate of Deposits
    (c) Term Deposit Receipts
    (d) National savings Certificate
    (e) None of these

9. One Rupee Coin forms part of:
    (a) Currency Chest
    (b) Small Coin Depot
    (c) Branch Cash Balance
    (d) All of the above
    (e) None of these

10. PMRY is applicable to:
      (a) rural area
      (b) agriculture
      (c) rural and urban areas
      (d) all over India
      (e) None of these

11. Services associated with banking insurance and securities are called:
      (a) Financial Services
      (b) Banking Services
      (c) Credit Services
      (d) Debt Services
      (e) None of these

12. Subsidy under PMRY is reimbursed to banks by:
      (a) Government of India
      (b) State Government
      (c) NABARD
      (d) RBI
      (e) None of these

13. The term "Trial Netting" is associated with:
      (a) vermiculture
      (b) sericulture
      (c) bee-keeping
      (d) pisciculture
      (e) None of these

14. A person is not interested in buying the right issue and prefers to give this right to one of his friends. This is called:
      (a) renunciation
      (b) surrender
      (c) rejection
      (d) transfer
      (e) None of these

15. A private sector bank should have a minimum paid-up capital of:
      (a) Rs. 100 crore
      (b) Rs. 200 crore
      (c) Rs. 300 crore
      (d) Rs. 500 crore
      (e) None of these


1. Block Level Banker's Committee
2. Central Statistical Organization
3. Commercial document
4. 30-4-2009
5. Usance Promissory Note
6. a competent court
7. Savings Bank Account
8. Certificate of Deposits
9. Currency Chest
10. all over India
11. Financial Services
12. Government of India
13. pisciculture
14. renunciation
15. Rs. 300 crore

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