English Vocabulary Quiz - Part 82

Published on Thursday, August 06, 2015
English Vocabulary Quiz for today

1. Winsome
a) victorious
b) essential
c) pristine
d) charming

2. Raillery
a) skinniness
b) celebration
c) light teasing
d) criticism

3. Canard
a) false report
b) pleasant sound
c) delicate item
d) common saying

4. Quisling
a) traitor
b) academic
c) trivial question
d) small amount

5. Stultify
a) guide unwisely
b) embrace
c) sap enthusiasm
d) depict

6. Cavalier
a) not caring
b) significant
c) shining
d) brave

7. Flummox
a) ridicule publicly
b) enrage
c) search for
d) bewilder

8. Edifying
a) correcting
b) enlightening
c) building
d) swirling

9. Largess
a) maturity
b) generosity
c) wickedness
d) largeness

10. Limpid
a) tired
b) clear
c) calm
d) weak

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