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Insurance Awareness Quiz - Part 6

Published on Thursday, August 20, 2015
Insurance Awareness Quiz for today :-

Insurance Awareness Quiz

Q1. CISR stands for:
a) Center for Insurance Studies and Research
b) Center of Insurance and Social Responsibilities
c) Commission on Insurance and Social Responsibilities
d) None of These

Q2. ________means a company formed and registered under the companies act, 1956 and which has been granted a certificate of registration by IRDA for maintaining data of insurance policies in electronic form on behalf of insurers:
a) Insurance Brokers
b) Insurance Repository
c) Insurance Underwriter
d) None of These

Q3. e - IA stands for:
a) Every Insurance Account
b) Electronic Insurance Account
c) Economical Internal Assessment
d) None of These

Q4. Head office of LIC is situated at:
a) Delhi
b) Mumbai
c) Kolkata
d) None of These

Q5. New India Assurance Company Limited was founded by:
a) Sir Jamshed Ji Tata
b) Sir Dorabji Tata
c) Sir Morari Krishanan Tata
d) None of These

Q6. Headquarter of National Insurance Company Limited is situated at:
a) Kolkata
b) New Delhi
c) Mumbai
d) None of These

Q7. The tagline of SBI Life Insurance Company Limited is:
a) Adding Life to Insurance
b) With Us, You are Sure
c) Karo Zyada Ka Iraada
d) None of These

Q8. NSFE stands for:
a) National Strategy for Financial Education
b) Non Saving Financial Exclusion
c) Net Saving Forcing Enterprise
d) None of These

Q9. The insured must take all the necessary steps to minimize the losses to insured assets, this line is concerned with which of the following principles:
a) Principle of Contribution
b) Principle of Loss Minimization
c) Principle of Insurable Interest
d) None of These

Q10. Insurance Amendment Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha on:
a) 15 March, 2015
b) 12 March, 2015
c) 19 March, 2015
d) None of These

Q11. Recently news has it that UK's ______is in talks with the IRDA to open business (Insurance) in India:
a) Royale
b) Lloyd
c) Caster
d) None of These

Q12. The founder of Oriental Life Insurance Company was:
a) Sumit Bhavsar
b) Anita Bhavsar
c) Maya Bhavsar
d) None of These

Q13. In ______ GIB act (General Insurance Business) was passed by parliament:
a) 1973
b) 1972
c) 1975
d) None of These

Q14. General Insurance Business (GIB) was nationalized in:
a) 1973
b) 1975
c) 1972
d) None of These

Q15. At the time of nationalization of GIB, 107 insurer were amalgamated and grouped into which of following companies:
a) National Insurance Company Limited
b) New India Assurance Company Limited
c) United India Insurance Company Limited
d) Oriental Insurance Company Limited
e) All of Above
f) None of These

Q16. In 1999 IRDA act was passed on the recommendation of _______committee:
a) Kumarmangalam
b) Malhotra
c) Vijayanan
d) None of These

Q17. Which of the following is a national repository:
a) National Securities Depository Limited
b) Central Insurance Repository Limited
c) Stock Holding Corporation of India
d) Karvy Insurance Repository Limited
e) All of the Above
f) None of These

Q18. Old name of LIC was:
a) National Life Insurance Society
b) Hindustan Insurance Society
c) General Life Insurance Society of India
d) None of These

Q19. Headquarter of GIC is located at:
a) Chennai
b) Delhi
c) Mumbai
d) None of These

Q20. GST stands for:
a) General Sales Tax
b) Goods and Sales Tax
c) Goods and Services Tax
d) None of These

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