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Banking Awareness Quiz - Axis Bank Special

Published on Saturday, September 05, 2015
Banking Awareness Quiz fro today :-

banking quiz

Q1. UTI Bank Limited was  actually founded on:
a) 1990
b) 1991 
c) 1992
d) None of These

Q2. Axis Bank was formerly known as:
a) Hind Bank Limited
b) UTI Bank Limited
c) United India Bank Limited
d) None of These

Q3. Headquarter of Axis Bank is located at:
a) Hyderabad, Aandhra Pradesh 
b) New Delhi
c) Mumbai, Maharashtra 
d) None of These

Q4. Slogan of Axis Bank is:
a) Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi 
b) Good People to Bank with 
c) Hum Hai Na
d) None of These

Q5. Axis Bank was incorporated on ________and get certificate of business on 14th December:
a) 3rd December 1993
b) 15th December 1993
c) 10 December 1993
d) None of These

Q6. _______was the first private sector bank to get a license under the new guidelines issued by the RBI on that time in 1993:
a) SBI
b) Axis Bank
c) Punjab and Sind Bank
d) None of These

Q7. In 1997, Axis Bank obtained license to act as depository participant with NSDL and applied for registration with SEBI to act as______:
a) Trustee to Share Holders
b) Trustee to Debenture Holders
c) Trustee to Government Securities
d) None of These

Q8. In 1999 UTI Bank (Axis Bank) and _____have launched an international co-branded credit card:
a) Citibank 
b) Canara Bank
c) Vijaya Bank
d) None of These

Q9. UTI Bank (Axis Bank) have come together to launch an international co-branded credit card under the _______umbrella:
a) Visa Card
b) Master Card
c) Rupay 
d) None of These

Q10. In 2000, Axis Bank announced and launched which among the following services:
a) The bank has announced the launch of Tele - Depository services for its depository clients.
b)  UTI Bank has launch of "I-Connect", its internet banking product.
c) UTI bank has signed a memorandum of understanding with equitymaster.com for e - broking activities of the site.
d) All of the Above
e) None of These

Q11. In _____company name has been changed from UTI Bank Limited to Axis Bank Limited:
a) 2006
b) 2007
c) 2005
d) None of These

Q12. Which among the following is correct:
a) Axis bank launches Platinum Credit Card, India's Firs EMV chip based card in 2008.
b) Axis Bank set up its branch at llanji at Meenakshi Nagar on the coutralam - madurai road on April 16, 2008
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

Q13. Managing Director & CEO of Axis Bank since 2009 is:
a) Chanda Kochhar 
b) Shikha Sharma
c) Usha Ananthasubramanian
d) None of These

Q14. The first branch of UTI was inaugrated on 2 - 4 - 1994 in Ahmedabad by _____:
a) Dr. Manmohan Singh
b) Atal Vihari Bajpayee
c) Sonia Gandhi
d) None of These

Q15. Who was appointed as the Brand ambassador of Axis Bank on 5 June, 2014:
a)  Kareena Kapoor 
b) Deepika Padukone
c) Asin
d) None of These

Q16. UTI Bank opened its first overseas branch in 2006 at:
a) America
b) Singapore
c) London
d) None of These

Q17. Axis Bank is a:
a) Private Sector Bank
b) Public Sector Bank
c) Wholly Government Bank
d) None of These

Q18. Which among the following awards won by Axis Bank:
a) Bank of the Year Money Today FPCIL Awards 2012 -13
b) "Consistent Performer" in 'India' best banks - 2012 
c) Both of Above
d) None of These

Q19. Axis Bank was the _____Indian private sector bank to set up a branch in China:
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) None of These

Q20. The Axis Bank's __________branches are operating from India as on 31 - 3 - 2015:
a) 2,489
b) 2,589
c) 2,689
d) None of These

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