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Banking Awareness Quiz - International Organizations

Published on Sunday, September 20, 2015
Banking Awareness Quiz  for today :-

banking quiz

Q1. GATT stands for:
a) General Agreement on Tariffs, Tradition and Trade
b) General Agreement on Tradition and Trade
c) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
d) None of The Above

Q2. Now, headquarter of WTO is located at:
a) Washington. D.C.
b) Geneva, Switzerland
c) Willington, New Zealand
d) None of The Above

Q3. Headquarter of World Bank is situated at:
a) Washington D.C.
b) Jeneva
c) Luanda 
d) None of The Above

Q4. The number of member nations of WTO as on April, 2015 were:
a) 161
b) 151
c) 171
d) None of The Above

Q5. Which among the following is not an agency of United Nations:
a) International Monetary Fund
b) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
c) World Trade Organization 
d) None of The Above

Q6. First Indian Train having ISO 9001 certificate runs between ______:
a) Hazrat Nizammuddin - Agra Cantt
b) Hazrat Nizammudin Habeebganj (Bhopal)
c) Delhi - Kolkata - Mumbai - Kota 
d) None of The Above

Q7. "Food for Work Program" was renamed as _______:
d) MNP
e) None of The Above

Q8. Which sector has the maximum quantum of disguised unemployment in India:
a) Agriculture
b) Industry
c) Trade
d) Transport
e) None of The Above

Q9. Golden Bond Scheme was introduced introduced in the budget proposal of ______:
a) 1991 - 92
b) 1992 - 93
c) 1993 - 94
d) 1994 - 95
e) None of The Above 

Q10. The Headquarter of SIDBI is located at:
a) Lucknow
b) New Delhi
c) Mumbai
d) Bangalore
e) None of The Above

Q11.  Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India (IRBI) was established in:
a) 1975
b) 1985
c) 1990
d) 1992
e) None of The Above

Q12. IMF was established on:
a) 30 Novemberr, 1948
b) 27 December, 1945
c) 19 July, 1947
d) None of The Above

Q13. Headquarters of IMF is located at:
a) Washington D.C.
b) Jeneva
c) London
d) None of The Above

Q14. Which among the following is correct:
a) IMF was formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference.
b) IMF came into formal existence in 1945 with 29 member countries.
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above

Q15. _____was the first country to borrow from IMF:
a) France
b) India
c) Germany

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