Banking Awareness Notes PDF: For IBPS, SBI Exams

In a series of sharing useful study material for upcoming banking exams. Today I am providing Banking Awareness handwritten notes in PDF format.

Study Material in PDF

  1. Download Banking Awareness Guide (PDF Link)
  2. Banking Awareness ebook v2
  3. Banking Awareness Question Bank - Version 3 , Version 2 and Versions 1

Indian Financial System

  1. Overview of Indian Financial System
  2. Banking System in India Explain
  3. Different Types of Banking: Key Points To Know
  4. First in Banks: Banking History
  5. Payment And Settlements Systems in India
  6. History of Banking in India: Key Points To Remember
  7. Islamic Banking in India: Important Facts Revealed
  8. Banking Sector Reforms From 1786 to 1991
  9. Facilities Provided by India's Bank (PDF Version) - Updated
  10. Banking and Financial Reforms in India
  11. Establishment years of Financial Institutions in India

Banking Concepts

  1. Difference between Cheque and Demand Draft
  2. Fast Facts on NEFT, RGTS, AEPS and MTSS
  3. Difference between SWIFT code and IFSC code
  4. NEFT vs RTGS
  5. Inflation - Types, Causes, Measurement and Effects
  6. Banking Cash Transaction Tax (BCTT): Explained
  7. Twin Balance Sheet Problem in India: A Halt in the Progress
  8. Pros and Cons of SBI's Minimum Balance Penalty
  9. Fractional Reserve Banking - Explained with Examples
  10. Green Banking: All You Need to Know
  11. Blockchain System: All You Must Know
  12. Difference Between Overdraft and Cash Credit: Explained
  13. Financial Inclusion and Important Initiatives: Key Points
  14. Bitcoin - Everything You Need To Know
  15. Reverse Mortgage Loan: Explained with Key Points
  16. Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Key Points to Remember
  17. Retail Credit Operations in Banks: Explained with Important Points
  18. Online Banking Frauds- Things You Must Know
  19. ASBA - A Mechanism to Subscribe IPOs through Banks
  20. Money Laundering & Anti-Money Laundering
  21. All about Payment and Settlement Systems in India - PDF
  22. Types of NRI Bank Accounts
  23. Cheques - Types and Crossing of Cheques
  24. Goods and Services Tax (GST) - India's Biggest Tax Reform
  25. Retail Banking v/s Corporate banking
  26. Shadow Banking: All You Need to know
  27. Dormant vs Frozen accounts
  28. Moratorium Period v/s Grace Period
  29. Features & Similarities of Visa card and Master Card
  30. Types of Bank Cards & Their Features & Differences
  31. Difference Between APR rate and Note Rate
  32. Difference Between Cross-selling & Up-selling
  33. Difference Between National Income & Disposable Income
  34. Direct Debit: Meaning, Features & Advantages
  35. Difference Between NEFT and IMPS
  36. Difference between Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee
  37. Difference between Base Rate and Benchmark Prime Lending Rate
  38. Secured Cards vs Unsecured Cards
  39. Difference between SWIFT code and IFSC code

Reserve bank of India

  1. Second Bi- Monthly Monetary Policy of RBI (2017-18): Highlights
  2. Fast Facts on Reserve Bank of India
  3. Monetary Policy of Reserve Bank Of India
  4. 7 Monetary Policy Tools in hands of RBI
  5. Relationship between Money Supply and Monetary Policy
  6. Difference between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy
  7. Minimum Reserve System of RBI: Explained
  8. Pros and Cons of RBI's Proportional Reserve System
  9. Credit Control Methods of RBI: Explained
  10. Issuance of Currency in India: All You Need to Know
  11. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) - Facts
  12. Clean Note Policy of RBI: All You Need To Know
  13. Base Rate and Differential Rate of Interest: Explained
  14. Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) by RBI- Key Points Explained
  15. MCLR: Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate- Explained
  16. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS): At a Glance
  17. RBI guidelines for 100% FDI in E-Commerce

Important Acts related to Banking and Finance in India


Public and Private Sector Banks

  1. Bank of Baroda & Andhra Bank: Mind Maps
  2. Punjab and Sind Bank: Learn Key points using Mind Map
  3. Indian Overseas Bank: Learn Key Points Using Mind Map
  4. ICICI Bank: Learn Key Points Using Mind Map
  5. Allahabad Bank: Remember Key Points Using Mind Map
  6. State Bank Of India: Learn Key Points Using Mind Map
  7. State Bank Of India - Key Facts and Latest Schemes
  8. Indian Bank : Remember key points using Mind Map
  9. Federal Bank : Remember Key Points Using Mind Map
  10. Punjab National Bank: Learn Key Points Using Mind Map
  11. Axis Bank: Remember Key Points Using Mind Map
  12. Bandhan Bank - All you need to know
  13. HDFC BANK (Housing Development Finance Corporation)
  14. Difference Between Regional Rural Banks and Co-operative Banks
  15. Latest List of Indian banks - Their Heads and Head Office (Dec 2016)
  16. Public Sector Banks v/s Nationalized Banks
  17. Nationalized Banks - At a Glance
  18. Banks with Headquarters, CMDs & Taglines

Other Banking & Financial Organisations

  1. Financial Stability & Development Council (FSDC)
  2. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: Role in Healthy Investment Environment
  3. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes - Facts
  4. National Payment Corporation Of India: All You Need to Know
  5. Financial Institutions in India: Key Points to Remember
  6. Skill Banks: All You Need To Know
  7. NABARD : Important Facts
  8. Growth of Development Banks in India- Explained
  9. What is Mudra Bank - Explained
  10. DICGC : Functions and Working

Banking Terms

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