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Banking Awareness Quiz - National Housing Bank

Published on Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Banking Awareness Quiz for today :-


Q1. NHB stands for:
a) National Housing Business
b) National Housing Bank 
c) Non - Housing Bank 
d) None of The Above

Q2. National Housing Bank was set up on ______:
a) 9 July, 1987
b) 9 July, 1986
c) 9 July, 1988
d) None of The Above

Q3. National Housing Bank was set up on July 9, 1988 under which among the following acts:
a) National Housing Bank Act, 1985
b) National Housing Bank Act, 1986
c) National Housing Bank Act, 1987
d) None of The Above

Q4. _____is an apex financial institution for housing:
a) RBI
b) SBI
c) NHB
d) None of The Above

Q5. The Head Office of National Housing Bank is at:
a) Kolkata
b) Bangalore 
c) New Delhi
d) Mumbai 
e) None of The Above

Q6. National Housing Bank is wholly owned by _____, which contributed the entire paid-up capital:
a) Securities and Exchange Board of India
b) Reserve Bank of India
c) State Bank of India
d) None of The Above

Q7. NHB has been established with an objective to:
a) Operate as a principal agency to promote housing finance institutions
b) promote housing finance institutions both at local and regional levels
c) provide financial and other support incidental to such institutions and for matters connected therewith
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

Q8. _______is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of NHB now:
a) Raghu Ram Rajan
b) Sriram Kalyanaraman
c) Urjit Patel
d) None of The Above

Q9. HFC stands for:
a) Housing Finance Company
b) Housing Finance Corporation 
c) Housing Federation of Commerce 
d) None of The Above

Q10. Besides the regulatory provisions of the National Housing Bank Act 1987, NHB has issued the Housing Finance Companies (NHB) Directions, _____:
a) 2001
b) 2002
c) 2003
d) None of The Above

Q11. NHB issued Directions, 2001 main emphasis on:
a) Portfolio Managment
b) Asset Liability Management 
c) Housing for Rural citizen 
d) None of The Above

Q12. _______plays the vital role in setting up of National Housing Bank:
a) K. R. Puri
b) Dr. Manmohan Singh 
c) C. Rangarajan 
d) None of The Above

Q13. According to 'Housing For All' scheme, main emphasis is to provide houses to:
a) Rural Citizens
b) Urban Citizens
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above

Q14. Housing For All - Main focus is to provide affordable houses to urban poor ranging from Rs. _______to _______ per house:
a) 1,00,000 and 2,30,000
b) 1,00,000 and 2,50,000
c) 1,00,000 and 3,00,000
d) None of The Above

Q15. The main objective of 'Housing For All' scheme is to promote slum free cities by:
a) 2020
b) 2022
c) 2025
d) None of The Above

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