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Best Answers to Personal Interview Questions

Published on Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Now a days cracking a bank exam is far tougher than past. Reaching interview stage is tougher than it use to be in past. Yesterday a reader told me that during his IBPS PO V interview, interviewer 3-4 personal questions and answered them confidently. They failed him in the interview. He claimed that everything was fixed and IBPS is fraud etc.

Today I decided to tell you the detailed answer to this claim. 


Common Personal Questions Asked:-

What do your father do ?

In almost 90% of the interviews, interviewer will ask you this question. This is the most important question in any job interview. This question will interrogate your current financial status. 

Your financial background states whether you are a stable employee or not. 

At this stage, please don't exaggerate the things. If your father is a businessman, then interviewer wants to hear that your father's business is not going well and your family is in big debt. Your family need a stable source of income and you are the only hope for the family.

Financially weak employees always perform better than their "Rich Colleagues". Interviewer know this fact.

Many readers told me that the interviewer  just asked 2-3 questions in the interview and then they failed candidates.

Why ?

Because after knowing the answers of those 2-3 personal questions, interviewer came to know that doing this job is just another option for the candidate and the candidate may find better options in the future. 

Bank is investing money on training it's new employees and further productivity of freshers is lower than industry standards in first year. 

So what if you leave the job after 1 year ?

Bank need to repeat the recruitment process and spend money on freshers again. No employer want to incur such huge losses.

Where you see yourself after 5 years

One of the most stupid answer that candidates give is - "I want to be at your place".

In 90% cases, General Managers conduct the interviews. Average age of interviewers is 55-60 years, sometimes there are retired bank managers in the panel. Interviewer took 25-30 years to reach at that place and you can do that within 5 year! 

Best answer should be - I don't exactly know the organizational structure of banks so I am not sure.

What you were doing after your graduation/post-graduation ?

This is one of the most common question and repeatedly asked by readers in the comments section.

Trust me, this is an important question!

Most the bank exams candidates are either unemployed or not satisfied with their current job. If it seems to interviewer that you don't fall in either of these categories then you he fail you or give you low marks.

If you were unemployed or working preparing for competitive exams during that period or you left your previous job for preparation then be honest and tell the truth to the interviewer.

Being honest and truthful isn't Embarrassing

What if we fail you in this interview

I will come back next year!

There will be silence for a moment.

Now they will never fail you after hearing this answer. After telling this answer, you proved that you are damn serious about this job.

Characteristics of Ideal candidate

  1. A person who is stable and hard-working
  2. A person who can work anywhere in India (Not expected from female candidates)  
  3. A person is serious about his job and don't crack jokes in his day to day conversation.

Words to use during interview

If you have ever appeared in a bank interview, you might have noticed that in the panel, there is a person who doesn't any question but he keeps on watching your actions and reaction. First of all let me tell you that this person doesn't possess any supernatural to read your mind. He just write down all the important words that you used and emphasized during your interview.

Speak what Interviewer want to hear

  1. I need a "Secure Job"
  2. It's my dream job
  3. I prepared really hard for this exam
  4. I can work anywhere in India
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