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Computer Awareness Quiz - Basics (Part - 4)

Published on Monday, September 28, 2015
Computer Awareness Quiz for today :-

computer awareness

Q1. UPS stands for _________:
a) Uninterrupted Power Supply 
b) Unit Power Supply
c) Universal Power Source 
d) None of The Above

Q2. Features of UPS are:
a) It provides backup in case of system failure
b) It ensures uninterrupted Power Supply 
c) It allows to run window in safe mode
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

Q3. Which one of the following is an operating system:
a) Windows 
c) DOS
d) Both (a) and (b)
e) All of The Above

Q4. Components of data communication are:
a) Transmitting Devices 
b) Receiving Devices 
c) Transmission Medium 
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

Q5. The metal or plastic case that houses the physical components of a computer together is called:
a) System Board 
b) Storage Device
c) Motherboard
d) System Unit
e) None of The Above

Q6. In MS - Word Table can be created by using:
a) Spell Check 
b) Open 
c) Table
d) Sort
e) None of The Above

Q7. Excel is used for making:
a) Application Software 
b) Spread Sheets
c) System Software
d) None of The Above

Q8. Which among the following is used to refresh contents of file:
a) F5
b) F7
c) F9
d) None of The Above

Q9. Which key is used to rename a selected icon or file:
a) F1
b) F2
c) F3
d) None of The Above

Q10. Which process checks to ensure the components of the computer are operating and connected properly:
a) Processing 
b) Saving
c) Booting 
d) None of The Above

Q11. The intersection point of row & column is called:
a) Pixel
b) Cell 
c) Table 
d) None of The Above

Q12. The Insert, Caps Lock and Num Lock keys are all examples of ______keys:
a) Control
b) Function 
c) Toggle
d) Shortcut
e) None of The Above

Q13. Excel is a type of :
a) Application Software
b) System Software 
c) Utility - Software
d) System Tool
e) None of The Above

Q14. "CORAL" stands for:
a) Customer Remote Access Log -In
b) Consumer Remote Access Long - In
c) Corporate Remote Access Log - In
d) Corporate Request Access Log - In
e) None of The Above

Q15. The efficiency of a computer in terms of speed depends on:
a) Size of the system unit 
b) Type of the monitor 
c) Type of the microprocessor 
d) Number of keys available in the keyboard 
e) None of The Above

Q16. A drawing of the steps used to solve a problem is called:
a) System Chart
b) Flow Chart
c) Computer Chart
d) None of The Above

Q17. Computer systems are ________machines:
a) Analog 
b) Digital 
c) Digitized 
d) None of The Above 

Q18. The following device allows the user to add external components to a computer system:
a) Storage Devices
b) Keyboards 
c) Ports/System Boards
d) Diskettes 
e) None of The Above

Q19. Software that manages data in more than one file at a time and these files are treated as tables with rows and columns rather than as lists of records is:
a) Relational Data Base Management System
b) Document Base Management System
c) Documentation Package
d) MS - Excel
e) None of The Above

Q20. A program that remains in the memory while other programs are executing is called:
a) Resident Program
b) Non - Resident Program 
c) Permanent Program
d) Temporary Program 
e) None of The Above

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