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Banking Awareness Quiz - Credit/Debit Cards (Part 2)

Published on Monday, September 28, 2015
Banking Awareness Quiz for today :-

banking awareness

Q1. Which card is known as 'Check Card':
a) Debit Card
b) Credit Card
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above

Q2. Which among the following is correct:
a) EFTPOS - Online Debit or PIN debit
b) Offline Debit - Signature Debit
c) Electronic Purse Card System - Electronic Debit Dealings 
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

Q3. Some debit cards accepted only within a particular country or region. Which among the following pairs is correct:
a) Maestro and Solo Card - United Kingdom
b) Interac - Canada
c) Carte Bleue - France
d) EC electronic cash - Germany
e) All of The Above
f) None of The Above

Now many cards creating its market over the world
Q4. "UnionPay" debit card is concerned with which among the following country:
a) Pakistan
b) China
c) Nepal 
d) None of The Above

Q5. "EFTPOS" cards are linked with which among the following countries:
a) Australia and New Zealand 
b) Monacco and Norway
c) Qatar and Kuwait 
d) None of The Above

Q6. PIN stands for:
a) Portable Identification Number
b) Permanent Identification Number
c) Personal Identification Number
d) None of The Above

Q7. Is there any restriction on withdrawal from debit cards per day:
a) Yes 
b) No

Q8. Prepaid Debit cards are also called:
a) Reloadable Debit Cards
b) Loadable Debit Cards
c) Relational Debit Cards 
d) None of The Above

Q9. The primary market for prepaid cards are_____people:
a) Banked People 
b) Unbanked People
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above

Q10. The prepaid bank card is also called:
a) Convenience Gift Card
b) Bank Gift Card
c) Suitable Gift Card
d) None of The Above

Q11. "RuPay" debit card is similar to:
a) Singapore's NETS
b) China's UnionPay
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above

Q12. POS stands for:
a) Point of Service
b) Point of Sale 
c) Point of Satisfaction 
d) None of The Above

Q13. ______also provides a unified "Kisan Card" issued by banks across the country under Kisan Credit Card, enabling farmers to transact business on ATMs and POS terminals:
a) Maestro  Card
b) RuPay  Card
c) Forex Card
d) None of The Above

Q14. Which among the following benefits is associated with RuPay:
a) International transactions lead to higher transactions costs. Such costs can be reduced by using RuPay card since processing will be done within the country. Also transactions will be faster
b) Users will get alerts for every transaction made through RuPay Card
c) Processing Fees for RuPay card compared with regular debit/credit cards will be considerably lower
d) All of The Above
e) None of The Above

Q15. Now RuPay card get international acceptance:
a) Yes 
b) No

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