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Banking Awareness Quiz - Canara Bank

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Q1. Canara Bank was founded by:
a) Lala Lajpat Rai
b) Ammembai Subba Rao Pai
c) Hardyal Khurana 
d) None of The Above

Q2. Canara Bank was founded on:
a) December, 1906
b) August, 1906
c) July, 1906
d) None of The Above

Q3. Shri Ammembai Subba Rao Pai founded Canara Bank at ______:
a) Patiala 
b) Mangalore
c) Kolkata
d) Delhi

Q4. Canara Bank was nationalized on:
a) November, 1980
b) August, 1970
c) July, 1969
d) None of The Above

Q5. Canara Bank with an unbroken record of profits since its inception it has several first to its credit which includes:
a) Launching of Inter - City ATM Network
b) Obtaining ISO Certification for a Branch
c) Commissioning of Exclusive Mahila Baking Branch
d) Launching of Exclusive subsidiary for IT consultancy 
e) All of The Above
f) None of The Above 

Q6. Which among the following is correct about the initiative taken by Canara Bank:
a) Issuing Credit Card for Farmers
b) Providing Agriculture Consultancy Services 
c) Both of The Above
d) None of The Above 

Q7. As at June 2015, Canara Bank has further expanded its domestic presence with ____branches spread across all geographical segments:
a) 5708
b) 6708
c) 9708
d) None of The Above

Q8. The Canara Bank has ____ATMs covering ____centers:
a) 9039 and 4081
b) 1039 and 5081
c) 5409 and 6081
d) None of The Above

Q9. Chairman of Canara Bank is:
a) S.V Khullar
b) T.N. Manoharan
c) Animesh Tyagi
d) None of The Above

Q10. MD and CEO of Canara Bank is:
a) Rakesh Sharma
b) Pradyuman Rawat
c) Singh Harpreet 
d) None of The Above

Q11. "Golden Peacock Business Excellence Award 2015" by the Institute of Directors India given to:
a) PNB
b) Punjab and Sind Bank
c) Canara Bank
d) None of The Above

Q12. Headquarter of Canara Bank is situated at:
a) New Delhi
b) Bangalore, Karnataka
c) Mangalore, Karnataka
d) None of The Above

Q13. Slogan of Canara Bank is:
a) Together We Prosper
b) A Long Tradition of Trust
c) It's easy to change for those who love you, Together We Can
d) None of The Above

Q14. MSME Banking Excellence Awards 2014 organized by Chamber of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) at New Delhi award given to:
a) Canara Bank
b) Punjab National Bank
c) State Bank of India 
d) None of The Above

Q15. Canara Bank opened its _____overseas branch in New York on 10 June, 2014:
a) 9th
b) 7th
c) 2nd
d) None of The Above

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