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Blood Relations Shortcut Tricks - PDF

Published on Monday, October 12, 2015
Blood Relations is one of the easiest chapter of Reasoning. It is scoring chapter. Once you know about the blood relations tricks, you can get full marks from this chapter in a few minutes.. Lets know more about this chapter.

Blood Relations (Meaning) - Simply blood relations means blood relationship among members of the family.

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Structure of Different Blood Relations 

Blood Relations

Blood Relations
Blood Relations
Blood Relations

From the above diagram, you get the knowledge of Generations. Lets know about different terms in blood relations that will provide you easy platform while solving the questions in competitive exams.

Important Terms in Blood Relations

Father of Grandfather or Grandmother = Great Grand Father
Mother of Grandfather or Grandmother = Great Grand Mother
Father of Father or Mother =Grand Father
Mother of Father or Mother = Grand Mother
Wife of Grandfather = Grand Mother
Husband of Grand Mother = Grand Father
Father – in – Law of Father/Mother = Grand Father
Mother – in – Law of Father/Mother = Grand Mother
Father’s Father/Mother only son = Father
Only Daughter – in – Law of Father’s Father/Father’s Mother = Mother
Husband of Mother = Father
Wife of Father = Mother
Second Wife of Father = Step Mother
Brother of Father or Mother = Uncle
Sister of Father or Mother = Aunt
Husband of Aunt = Uncle
Wife of Uncle = Aunt
Son of Grand Father/Grand Mother =Father/Uncle
Daughter of Father – in – Law/Mother –in – Law of Father = Mother / Aunt
Father of Wife/Husband = Father – in – Law
Mother of Wife/Husband = Mother – in – Law
Children of same parents = Siblings
Father’s / Mother’s only son/daughter = Oneself
Son of Father or Mother = Brother
Daughter of Father or Mother = Sister
Son of second Wife of Father = Step Brother
Daughter of Second Wife of Father = Step Sister
Son / Daughter of Uncle/Aunt = Cousin
Brother of Husband or Wife = Brother – in – Law
Sister of Husband or Wife = Sister – in – Law
Husband of Sister/ Sister – in - Law = Brother – In – Law
Son of Father = Oneself / Brother
Mother of Son/ Daughter = Oneself/ Wife
Father of Daughter / Son = Oneself/Husband
Son of Son of Grand Mother/ Grand Father = Cousin/Oneself/Brother
Daughter of Son of Grand Mother/Grand Father = Cousin / Oneself / Sister
Son of Brother or Sister = Nephew
Daughter of Brother or Sister = Niece
Grandson of Father/Mother = Son / Nephew
Grand Daughter of Father / Mother = Daughter / Niece
Husband of Daughter = Son – in – Law
Wife of Brother / Brother – in – Law = Sister – in - Law
Wife of Son = Daughter – in – Law
Son of Son/Daughter = Grandson
Daughter of Son/Daughter Grand Daughter
Son’s/ Daughter’s Grandson Great Grand Son
Son’s /Daughter’s Grand daughter Great Grand Daughter

How to Draw a Family Diagram (Important Symbols)

Below are the some basic important symbols used to present the family relationships easily. On the basis of following diagram, you can find any blood relationships easily and quickly.

Blood Relations

Some Basic Important blood relationships are shown below through diagram.
Blood Relations
Blood Relations

Lets Do Some Practice 

Q1. Pinky, who is Victor's daughter, say to Lucy, "Your Mother Rosy is the younger sister of my Father, who is the third child of Joseph." How is Joseph related to Lucy?
a) Father - In - Law
b) Father
c) Maternal Uncle
d) Grand Father


(Option D)
Blood Relations
Joseph has three children, One is X, second is Victor and Third  is Rosy. It is not clear X is male or female. Rosy is the mother of Lucy so Joseph is the grandfather of Lucy that is clearly shown in the above diagram.
Q2. Mohan is the Son of Arun's Father's sister. Prakash is the son of Reva, who is the mother of Vikas and Grandmother of Arun. Pranab is the father of Neela and the grandfather of Mohan. Reva is the wife of Pranab. How is the wife of Vikas related to the neela?
a) Sister
b) Sister - In - Law
c) Niece
d) None of The Above


(Option B)
Blood Relations

As the diagram shows that Vikas is Neela's brother so wife of Vikas will be Neela's Sister - in - Law.

Q3. T, S and R are three brothers. T's son Q is married to K and they have one child Rahul blessed to them. M the son of S is married to H and this couple is blessed with a daughter Madhvi. R has a daughter N who is married to P. This couple has one daughter Karuna born to them. How is Madhvi related to S?
a) Daughter
b) Niece
c) Grand Daughter
d) None of The Above


(Option C)
Blood Relations
In the above diagram, its clearly shows that Madhvi is granddaughter of S.

Q4. Arti and Saurabh are the children of Mr and Mrs Shah. Ritu and Shakti are the children of Mr and Mrs. Mehra. Saurabh and Ritu are married to each other and two daughter Mukti and Shruti are born to them. Shakti is married to Rina and two children Subhash and Reshma are born to them. How is Arti related to Shruti?
a) Mother
b) Mother - in - Law
c) Sister
d) Aunt


(Option D) 
Blood Relations
Arti is Aunt of Shruti. It can be seen clearly from the above diagram.
Q5.  In a family, there are seven persons, comprising two married couples. T is the son of M and the grandson of K. M is a widower. M and R are brothers and W is the daughter - in - Law of J, who is the mother of R and the grandmother of D. How is D related to M?
a) Son 
b) Son - in - Law
c) Nephew or Niece
d) Brother


(Option C) 
Blood Relations
D is Nephew or Niece of M because gender of D is not specify in the question. 

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