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English Vocabulary Test - IBPS PO Mains (Part 2)

Published on Monday, October 26, 2015
English Vocabulary Test for today :-
english test
1. Palimpsest
a) Condemnation
b) Something reused
c) Careful plan
d) Lucky discovery

2. Forlorn
a) undecided
b) forgetful
c) hopeless
d) tired

3. Factious
a) Causing dissension
b) irritable
c) based on reality
d) fake

4. Overweening
a) Not tiring
b) bossy
c) extremely proud
d) detail oriented

5. Intransigent
a) internal
b) unemotional
c) stubborn
d) not moving

6. Censure
a) express disapproval
b) make more pure
c) attack constantly
d) act evasively

7. Germane
a) Overly complex
b) intellectual
c) noble
d) relevant

8. Preclude
a) introduce
b) distinguish
c) prevent
d) transfer

9. Prodigal
a) returning
b) skilled
c) wasteful
d) ashamed

10. Gall
a) restraint
b) resourcefulness
c) rudeness
d) courage

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