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Syllogism Practice Set for IBPS PO (Mains)

Published on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Syllogism exercise is very important for IBPS PO point of view as one can expect 5 questions based on syllogism .so understanding syllogism concept is very important .

==>> Follow shortcuts to solve syllogism Syllogism shortcuts techniques
Give answer (1) if either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
Give answer (2) if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
Give answer (3) if only conclusion I follows
Give answer (4) if both the conclusion I and conclusion II follows.
Give answer (5)if only conclusion II follows.

Ques 1. Statements
      All  amounts are principals
      Some principal are interest

I   All interest being amount is a possibility
II  Some interest are definitely not principal.

Ques 2. Statements
      Some huts are mansions
      No mansion is a palace.
I All places being hut is possibility
II All huts are palaces

Ques 3. Statements
      All bicycles are cars .
     Some  cars are trucks .
     No truck is a crane .

      I    All bicycles being truck is a possibility.
     II   Some cars are not cranes.                               

Ques 5. Statements
      All leaves are flowers
      No flower is a branch
      Some branches are trees.

                   I Some trees are leaves
                   II No tree is a flower

Ques 6. Statements
      Some flats are apartments.
      No apartment is a hall
      Some halls are rooms
Conclusions :
               I  Atleast some rooms are flats .
               II No apartment is a room.

Ques 7. Statements
      Some codes are secrets
      All secrets are puzzles
       I All secrets being code is a possibility.
       II At least some puzzles are codes.

Ques 8. Statements
    Some wins are trophies
   Some trophies are cups
   No cup is a prize.

     I At least some cups are wins .
     II All prizes being trophies is a possibility .

Ques 9.   Statements
      Some stars are moons .
      All moons are planets .
      No planet is universe.

Conclusion :
      I . At least some planets are stars.
     II No moon is universe.

Answers :-


Solutions :-

Ans 1:
Fig 1.1
Conclusion I
From this fig 1.2 conclusion I is true as there is possibility of  some principal being interest is a possibility
This is also possible  so conclusion I is true
Conclusion II
From Fig 1.1  and1.2  we cant conclude that definitely that some interest  are principal or  not  so conclusion II is false.

Ans 2 :-

Conclusion I is true as there is possibility of all palaces being hut .

Conclusion II
Conclusion II does not follow as all huts can be places bcz some huts are mansion and no mansion is place.

Ans 3 :-
Conclusion I
Conclusion I will follow as all bicycles being is a possibility .

Conclusion II
From fig3.1 cars which are trucks can’t be crane so conclusion II is correct.
Ans 5 :-
Conclusion I will not follow as from given fig there is not definite that there can be some tress are leaves.
Conclusion II  will not follow .

Ans 6 :-
Conclusion I does not follow as there is no definite that at least some room are flats or not.

Conclusion II does not follow as we are not definite  that  no apartment is room or not .

Ans 7 :-
Conclusion I will follow as there can be possibility.

Conclusion II will also follow .

Ans 8 :-

Conclusion I will not follow as there is not definite that some cups are wins or not
Conclusion II will follow as there can be possibility of all prizes being trophies.

Ans 9 :-

Conclusion I will follow
Conclusion II will follow

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