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Cloze Test - Practice Sets (2 Sets)

Published on Friday, November 06, 2015
Hello friends,
cloze test
      Cloze test are one of the easiest question types for all banking exams. They usually require to choose the correct choice out of four or five possibilities. In IBPS syllabus this is a very important section , which can increase your chances to clear the entrance.

Advantage of attempting this:- Scoring and takes less time

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Directions ( Qs. 1-10):- In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fills the blank approximately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Fourteen centuries ago when the world was much younger, the ruler of all India, Rajesh Balhait, was _______(1) about his people. A new game of dice, called hard, had ______(2) the imagination of his subjects, teaching them that dance alone-a-roll of the dice guided the  _______(3) of men. All who played this game of fortune lost their _______(4) in the virtues of courage, prudence, wisdom and hope. It bred a fatalism that was _______(5) the spirit of the Kingdom.
Raja Balhait commissioned Sissa, an intelligent courter at his court to find an answer to this _______(6) After much _______(7) the clever Sissa invented another game. Chaturanga, the exact _______(8) of hard, in which the four elements of the Indian army were the key places. In the game these pieces-chariots, horse, elephants and foot soldiers- joined with a royal counselor to defend their king and defeat the enemy. Forceful ________(9) was demanded of the players? Not luck. Chaturanga soon became more popular than hard, and the ________(10) to the Kingdom was over.

1.   (a) concerned              
      (b) confident                 
      (c) ignorant              
      (d) indifferent                    
      (e) partisan

2.    (a) propelled                           
       (b) enshrined                       
       (c) captured                                 
       (d) activated                           
       (e) enhanced  
3.   (a) communities                     
      (b) ways                                 
      (c) abnormalities                         
      (d) destiny                         
      (e) groups

4.   (a) bravado                               
      (b) interest                            
      (c) peace                                       
      (d) wealth                           
      (e) faith  
5.   (a) appalling                             
      (b) crushing                          
      (c) moistening                             
      (d) wealth                          
      (e) faith   
6.   (a) apprehension                    
      (b) risk                                   
      (c) problem                                    
      (d) game                             
      (e) destiny  
7.   (a) deliberation                        
      (b) absorption                       
      (c) insight                                     
      (d) hesitation                                 
      (e) reluctance         
8.   (a) nature                                  
      (b) equivalent                       
      (c) picture                                    
      (d) opposite                                   
      (e) replica          
9.   (a) prediction                          
      (b) concentration                
      (c)  manipulation
(d) attack                                
(e) fortune                 
10. (a) devastation             
     (b) anxiety                           
     (c)  impeachment
     (d) nuisance                              
     (e) threat


Directions ( Qs. 11-20):- In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fills the blank approximately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

When sound ______(11), the world of cinema, mime made a gracious exit. ______(12) then, it stood proudly as a performing art in itself, independent and ______(13) in style, approach, treatment and performance not matched however, by______(14) acceptance. During the silent era, actors in silent films had to _____(15) totally on mime as the only way of ______(16) their emotions, expressions, incidents, events and interactions between and among characters. German  Expressionist cinema, the acting of classic performers like Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton used mime they had ______(17) as part of their theatrical ______(18) in their films with great effect. A French mime artist once said, “Mime is the poetry of silence.” But once talking ____(19)Entered the scenario, mime was ______(20) ever used in films, even though a character introduced as a mime artist.

11.   (a) entered                               
        (b) came                              
        (c) saw                                          
        (d) became                                   
        (e) featured

12.   (a) From                                  
        (b) So                                    
        (c) Since                                          
        (d) By                              
        (e) Until
13.   (a) single                                   
        (b) fair                                   
        (c) dependent                                         
        (d) unique                            
        (e) treacherous

14.      (a) drama                              
           (b) conclusion                      
           (c) opinion                                 
           (d) judgement                 
           (e) popular  
15.      (a) portray                             
           (b) act                                    
           (c) rely                                          
           (d) depict                         
           (e) earn          
16.      (a) mentioning                     
           (b) designing                        
           (c) stimulating                                         
           (d) expressing                      
           (e) considering  
17.      (a) worked                             
           (b) learnt                                
           (c) qualified                                 
           (d) bought                                    
           (e) invested 
18.      (a) experience                       
           (b) showings                        
           (c) vision                                     
           (d) distance                                
           (e) story            
19.      (a) toys                                  
           (b) worlds                              
           (c)  films
           (d) people                              
           (e) mimes      
20.      (a) and                                    
           (b) hardly                              
           (c)  then
           (d) thus                                 
           (e) for


1.      (a)
2.      (c)
3.      (d)
4.      (b)
5.      (e)
6.      (e)
7.      (a)
8.      (d)
9.      (b)
10. (e)
11. (a)
12. (c)
13. (d)
14. (e)
15. (c)
16. (d)
17. (b)
18. (a)
19. (c)
20. (b)

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