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English Vocabulary Test - Part 97

Published on Saturday, November 07, 2015
English Vocabulary test for today :-
1. Palaver 
a) Become intimate
b) Lightly tease
c) babble
d) lighten

2. Precipitous 
a) observant
b) hasty
c) immature
d) diluted

3. Predilection 
a) Strong liking
b) Innate ability
c) choosiness
d) artistic sense

4. Screed 
a) abusive rant
b) public ridicule
c) sudden movement
d) violent situation

5. Disaffected 
a) carefree
b) irrelevant
c) without emotion
d) discontent

6. Prevaricate 
a) anticipate
b) speak evasively
c) scold
d) change often

7. sententious 
a) improper
b) moralizing
c) concise
d) argumentative

8. Apocryphal 
a) secretive
b) fault-finding
c) questionably fake
d) mysterious

9. Diffident 
a) Plain in style
b) rebellious
c) varying
d) shy

10. Extant 
a) Still in existence
b) rare
c) extinct
d) abundant

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