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Idioms and Phrase Capsule - 87 Words

Published on Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Hi readers,
                Idioms and phrases has a fixed portion in English section. Here 87 most important idioms and phrases has given from previous year papers.
idioms and phrases
Phrases                      Meaning
1. Achilles’ heels - A small but fatal weakness
2. Add fuel on fire - To make a matter worse
3. An axe to grind - Something done for selfish reasons
4. An old flame - A person, one had a romantic relationship relationship with, in the past
5. Bad blood - Enmity/ bitter relations
6. Bear the brunt of - To bear the main part of something unpleasant
7. Big gun - An influential person
8. Bird of passage - One who comes occasionally
9. Castles in the air - Day dream/ a hope or desire unlikely to be realized
10. Chicken hearted - Lacking courage/ cowardly
11. Cry for the moon -To desire the unattainable
12. Cut a sorry figure- To give a poor show
13. Dance to  one’s tune - Obeying one’s order
14. Dark horse - One who wins unexpectedly
15. Democle’s sword - Constant threat
16. Dead letter - A law or ordinance that is no longer enforced
17. Eat humble pie - To apologize
18. Eats one’s words - Take a statement back
19. Elbow room - Sufficient scope to move or function
20. Escape one’s lips - Speak unintentionally or unexpectedly
21. Fair and square - In an honest way
22. Fair sex - Women
23. Feather in the cap - Additional success
24. Fish out of water- Out of one’s usual and comfortable place
25. Get away with- To escape
26. Get down to- To attend to work seriously
27. Get into hot water- Get into trouble
28. Green room- A lounge in a theatre or studio for the performers to get ready
29. Hang by a thread- Be in a risky situation
30. Hard nut to crack- A difficult problem to solve/ A person difficult to understand
31. Have one’s way- The way one wants
32. Have several irons in the fire - To be involved in many projects or activities at the same time
33. High living - Living with comfort and ease
34. Hit the jackpot - Gaining a big/ great success (specially by luck)
35. In full swing - At the height of activity
36. In the long run- Ultimately
37. Iron hand/ Iron fist - Rigorous control
38. Jump to a conclusion - To come to a conclusion prematurely
39. Kangaroo court - An illegal court
40. Keep one’s finger crosses - To wait expectantly
41. Keep the ball rollin g- To maintain the progress of a project or plan
42. Kith and kin- Blood relations
43. Lady’s man- A man who is fond of the company of women
44. Left-handed compliment- An insult disguised as a compliment
45. Look off colours- Look ill or unhealthy
46. Lump in the throat- A tight or uncomfortable feeling in throat due to emotions
47. Maiden speech- First speech
48. Make a hash- To mess up
49. Make the best of both the worlds- Getting benefited from both the sides
50. Make up one’s mind- To decide
51. Narrow escape/ Close shave - To escape by a little margin
52. Nine day’s wonder- Something that arouses great interest but for a very short period
53. Nip in the bud - To put on end to something in its initial stage
54. Null and void- Ineffective
55. Oily tongue- Flattering words
56. On one’s guard- Vigilant
57. Once for all- For the last time/ conclusively
58. Open question- A question which may have more than one answer
59. Pandora’s box- A source of extensive but unforeseen troubles
60. Past master- An expert
61. Play ducks and drakes- To waste money
62. Play second fiddle- To be at a subordinate position
63. Queer fish- Strange person
64. Rainy day- Future time of need, especially financial need
65. Read between the lines- To understand the hidden meaning
66. Red handed- Exactly while committing a crime or doing something wrong
67. Red tapism- Strict adherence to excessive paper work and official formalities
68. Royal road- An easy or direct way of achieving a desired result
69. See through- Comprehend/ understand
70. Set one’s face against- To oppose with determination
71. Set one’s heart on- To have as one’s ambition to obtain something
72. Shoulder to shoulder- With united effort
73. Take away one’s breath- To overwhelm with surprise
74. Take by storm- To surprise unexpectedly
75. Take into account- To consider
76. Tooth and nail- Violently
77. Under the nose of- Right in front of someone
78. Under the thumbof- Under the power or influence of
79. Up and doing- Active in work
80. Up one’s sleeves- An item kept hidden and used whenever required
81. Uphill task- Difficult task
82. Ups and downs- Good and bad times
83. Weather the storm- Survive by coming out of difficulties
84. Wet blanket- One who spoils the enjoyment
85. White elephant- Expensive but of no use
86. Word for word- In exactly the same word
87. Yeomen’s service- Excellent work

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Compiled by Mayank Keshu

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