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Insurance Interview Digest - PDF

As interviews for UIIC and OICL are getting closer, many readers asked me to provide Interview Preparation Digest. Today I am providing PDF for the preparation of Interview.
insurance digest

Must take Insurance awareness quiz 

Important topics for interview

  • Insurance terms
  • Basic Insurance principle
  • LIC, OICL and UICL plans, ownership pie and history


  • Introduction of Insurance 
  • Principles of Insurance and Methods of Insurance 
  • Insurance Institute of India and IRDA’s Powers and Functions
  • Role of IRDA and Insurable Risks
  • History of Life Insurance Companies in India and Malhotra Committee
  • Malhotra Committee and LIC
  • Functions of LIC 
  • Types of LIC
  • LIC Insurance Plans
  • GIC 
  • IRDA Act 1999
  • 12 Insurance Act 1938
  • Insurance Laws Amendment Act 2015 
  • RBI 32 - 35 15 Abbreviations (A – Z) 
  • Full Forms of Financial Terms 
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