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Reasoning Puzzle - IBPS Clerk Prelims

Published on Monday, November 02, 2015
Q. (1 - 7) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
A group of seven friends Amarjeet, Balbir, Chiman, Dimple, Eshmeet, Fateh and Gurpreet are working in different departments as agriculture officer, IT officer, economist,  terminal operator, clerk, forex
officer and research analyst for the banks namely Lucky, Major, New, Profit, Quiet, Royal and Smriddhi but not necessarily in the same order. 
  • Chiman works for bank "New" and is neither a research analyst nor a clerk.
  • Eshmeet is an IT officer and works for "Royal" bank.
  • Amarjeet works as a forex officer and does not work for "Lucky" or "Quiet" bank. The one who is an agriculture officer works for "Major" bank. The one who works for "Lucky" bank works as a terminal operator. 
  • Fateh works for "Quiet" bank. Gurpreet works for "Profit" bank as a research analyst. Dimple is not an agriculture officer.
Q1.Who among the following works as an agriculture officer?
a) Chiman
b) Balbir
c) Fateh
d) Gurpreet
e) None of The Above

Q2. Which of the following combinations of person, profession and bank is correct?
a) Amarjeet - Forex Officer - Major Bank
b) Dimple - Clerk - Lucky Bank
c) Fateh - Agriculture Officer - Quiet Bank
d) Balbir - Agriculture Officer - Smriddhi Bank
e) None of The Above 

Q3. For which Bank does Dimple work?
a) Quiet 
b) Lucky
c) New
d) Smriddhi 
e) None of The Above

Q4. What is the profession of the person who works for "Smriddhi" Bank?
a) Clerk
b) Agriculture Officer
c) Terminal Operator 
d) Forex Officer
e) None of The Above

Q5. Who among the following works as a clerk?
a) Chiman
b) Balbir
c) Fateh
d) Dimple
e) None of The Above

Q6. For which Bank does Balbir work?
a) Major
b) Smriddhi
c) Lucky
d) Either Major or Smriddhi 
e) None of The Above

Q7. What is the profession of Chiman?
a) Terminal Operator
b) Agriculture Officer
c) Economist
d) Can Not Be Determined
e) None of The Above


Reasoning - Puzzle
Answer 1. (Option B)
Answer 2. (Option E)
Answer 3. (Option B)
Answer 4. (Option D)
Answer 5. (Option C)
Answer 6. (Option A)
Answer 7. (Option C)

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