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Cloze Test - Practice Set

Published on Wednesday, December 02, 2015
Here is the Cloze Test for practice which is generally of 10 marks in IBPS examinations. Try to solve this and share your marks in comment box. Keep Practicing!
cloze test
In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blanks appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

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Cyber criminals have two objectives: find targets that will yield high payoff for their ____ (1) __ and attack those high payoff targets that offer the least resistance. Their business model is simple: the least efforts for the greatest ___ (2) __ gain. A company’s business methods, customer list, and many other forms of digital data are valuable to them as they can sell that data to your competitors both at home and abroad. In the last 15 years, we have witnessed a transition from mischief makers and pranksters to brigands with destructive intent to brigades of hackers working in concert for profit. Broad opportunistic, scattershot attacks designed for mischief and mayhem have been___ (3) __ by sophisticated attacks that are advance, targeted, stealthy, and persistent. They include organised cyber crime entities and state-sponsored campaigns __ (4) __ to as advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. These attackers are highly motivated, well organised and ___ (5) ___.

These new cyber attacks are not a single event. They unfold in multiple co-ordinated stages, with calculated steps to get in, establish a ___ (6) __, and survey the victim’s network and ex-filtrate data.
The threat is almost the same because national intelligence is so important to an enemy. The business model is to exfiltrate as much intelligence data as you can. Cost to attack is __ (7) __ a consideration because the intelligence data is so valuable to your enemy. When it comes to protecting sensitive intelligence, the Indian government is not doing enough.

The biggest challenge is that senior officials do not understand the seriousness of the threat or accept the __ (8) __ of the threat actors. Governments can ___ (9) __  this by doing the simple things properly. Implement aggressive threat awareness programs for everyone who uses a computer. Keep your systems current through enforced patch management programs, ___ (10) __ and use the newest versions of malware detection programmes. Doing these basic things itself will go a long way.

(1) (a) efforts
(b) order
(c) past
(d) Pardon
(e) reference

(2) (a) moral
(b) educational
(c) social
(d) nominal
(e) financial

(3) (a) sponsored
(b) suspended
(c) correlated
(d) eclipsed
(e) outraged

(4) (a) laid
(b) glanced
(c) referred
(d) inserted
(e) indicated

(5) (a) fussy
(b) unpredictable
(c) beneficial
(d) trustworthy
(e) honorary

(6) (a) settlement
(b) infrastructure
(c) purchase
(d) defense
(e) foothold

(7) (a) rarely
(b) violently
(c) notably
(d) unusually
(e) vitally

(8) (a) matter
(b) validity
(c) reality
(d) entity
(e) certainty

(9) (a) focus
(b) rectify
(c) corner
(d) compose
(e) upset

(10) (a) commands
(b) accepted
(c) recommends
(d) install
(e) invest


1) Option – a; efforts

2) Option – e; financial

3) Option – d; eclipsed

4) Option – c; referred

5) Option – b; unpredictable

6) Option – e; foothold

7) Option –a; rarely

8) Option –c; reality

9) Option –b; rectify

10) Option – d; install

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