English Vocabulary Quiz - IBPS Clerk Mains exam

Published on Thursday, December 24, 2015
1. Veracious 
a) greedy
b) wild, untamed
c) truthful
d) deceitful

2. Enervate 
a) encourage
b) annoy
c) sap energy from
d) energize

3. Parsimonious 
a) miserly
b) narrow-minded
c) devout
d) nitpicky

4. Amenable 
a) deceitful
b) cooperative
c) widespread
d) unpleasant

5. Venerate 
a) make impure
b) consider, rank
c) subject to scorn
d) respect deeply

6. Incisive 
a) sarcastic
b) well-spoken
c) important
d) highly analytical

7. Inveterate 
a) habitual
b) insightful
c) immature
d) corrupt

8. Mulct 
a) make vague
b) care for
c) bungle
d) swindle

9. Venality
a) lack of desire
b) fatigue
c) satisfaction
d) corruption

10. Pedantic
a) differing greatly
b) increasing rapidly
c) showing off learning
d) narrow-minded

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