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Errors Spotting Practice Set for IBPS Exams

Published on Sunday, December 06, 2015
Here is the Errors Spotting's Practice Test.. Error Spotting questions are frequently asked in IBPS or most of the competitive exams.So, Try to find out errors (if any) in following given sentences. Keep Practicing!
error spotting

Read each part of the sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, mark your answer as (5).

(1) We received constantly calls (1)/ from the citizens complaining (2)/that they are not receiving water (3)/ even once in two days (4)/ No error (5)

(2)  The road shows will be used as platform (1)/ to create awareness among general public (2)/ and tour operations of other cities (3)/regarding the tourist potential of Odisha (4)/ No error (5)

(3) To employ sportspersons (1)/ who have excel in international events (2)/ the state government has decided to (3)/ come up with comprehensive sports policy (4)/ No error (5)

(4) Animal rights activists have threatened (1)/ to go on a fast if action is not taken against the foreign staffer (2)/ who killed Australian lizard (3)/ that had entered a resident home (4)/ No error (5)

(5) In a smart city, all the departments which contribute (1)/ of the functioning of a city are interlinked (2)/ by means of computers and internet (3)/ bridging the gap between the comprehensive institutional mechanisms for easier functioning (4)/ No error (5)

(6) He was felicitated for his (1)/ remark way of spreading the (2)/ light of education in the (3)/ darkened corners of the society (4)/ No error (5)

(7) His forte is his knowledge (1)/ of the people and (2)/ he knows hundreds (3)/ with their first name (4)/ No error (5)

(8) Researchers always call (1)/ papaya a wonder fruit (2)/ due to because its innumerable (3)/ heating prosperities (4)/ No error (5)

(9) His inspiring tale (1)/ is someone that (2)/ can act as a big motivation (3)/ for all the teachers (4)/ No error (5)

(10) We have neither received (1)/ any notice nor has anybody (2)/ registered any opposition (3)/ to the violation of rules (4)/ No error (5)


(1) Option - (1)
Constant should replace ‘constantly’ – an adjective is required

(2) Option - (5)

(3) Option - (2)
‘Excelled’ should replace ‘excel’ – past participate form of verb is to be used after ‘have’

(4) Option - (4)
Resident’s should be used to indicate ‘of the resident’

(5) Option - (2)
‘To’ should replace ‘of’ – contribute always takes the preposition ‘to’

(6) Option – (2)
‘Remarkable’ should be used – an adjective is required.

(7) Option – (4)
‘By’ should replace ‘with’ to make sentence grammatically correct.

(8) Option – (3)
‘Because’ should be removed – ‘Due to’ and ‘Because’ cannot come together as both of them explain the same reason.

(9) Option – (2)
‘Something’ should replace ‘someone’.For ‘tale’, ‘something’ should be used

(10) Option – (5)

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