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Words not to be Combined and Divided in English Language

Published on Wednesday, December 30, 2015
One of the most common mistake that students make is combining or dividing words that shouldn't be combined or divided.

List of words that should never be Combined

All right At least Post office At last
Young man Up to Red carpet First person
Red tape Red flag Short cut First night
At once At all First aid First name
In spite of Up till First degree First lady
Red light Do not First class First floor

List of words that should never be Divided

Anyhow Everywhere Whereabouts Something
Always Schoolmate Whereupon Sometime
Anything Schoolboy Whereas Somewhat
Afternoon Postman Whereby Somewhere
Afterwards Schoolgirl Wherein Shorthand
Anybody Postcard Whichever Schoolmaster
Anywhere Schoolfellow Schoolteacher Sweetheart
Aftermath Postmaster Schoolhouse Shortcoming
Anyone Postgraduate Postmark Shoeshine
Afterthought Firsthand Shoemaker Fireproof
Altogether Firework Firewood Already
Fireman Firebrand Everything Fingerprint
Somebody Although Whenever Someone
Elsewhere Wherever Someday Everybody
Whatever Somehow

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