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Computer Awareness Quiz : 15 Questions from IBPS Exams (Part 17)

Published on Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Computer Quiz
1. What process should be used to recall a document saved previously ?
    (a) Copy                                                       (b) Save
    (c) Retrieve                                                  (d) Enter
    (e) None of the above

2. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS word screen ?
    (a) Left indent                                        (b) Tab stop box
    (c) Center indent                                    (d) Right indent
    (e) All of them are available

3. Two basic types of graphics used in word 2000 are _____________.
    (a) Header & Footer                                (b) Auto shapes & Clip art
    (c) Spelling & Grammar                         (d) Drawing object & Pictures
    (e) none of the above

4. Scatter chart is also known as _________________.
    (a) xx chart                        (b) yx chart
    (c) xy chart                        (d) yy chart
    (e) xz chart

5. In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in a cell, the user must begin with an operator such as.
   (a) $              (b) @                (c) =             (d) #                    (e) None

6. An Excel work book is a collection of.
    (a) Work books                        (b) Worksheets & charts
    (c) Charts                                 (d) Work sheets
    (e) None of the above

7. Which chart shows the relationship of parts to a whole ____________.
    (a) Line                                                (b) Stacked bar
    (c) Pie                                                  (d) Embedded
    (e) None of the above

8. Which one is the example of spreadsheet package ?
    (a) Unify                                            (b) Ada
    (c) Snowball                                      (d) Visicalc
    (e) None of the above

9.  Excel uses another name for data base, is called.
     (a) Organiser                                      (b) Listing
     (c) List                                                (d) Sequencer
     (e) None of the above

10. How many colums can be inserted in a word document in maximum ?
      (a) 35                 (b) 45               (c) 55                         (d) 65                           (e) None

11. How are data organised in a spreadsheet ?
     (a) Layers & Planes                             (b) Rows & Columns
     (c) Height & Width                              (d) Lines & Spaces
     (e) None of the above

12. Which of the following columns can not be found in the macro design window ?
      (a) Actions column                                      (b) Comment column
      (c) Arguments column                                 (d) Conditions column
      (e) None of the above

13. The code that relational database management systems use to perform their data base task is reffered to as ___________.
       (a) QBE                             (b) SQL                                    (c) OLAP
       (d) Sequal Server              (e) None of the above

14. In a relationship database, tables are logically linked to each other by a ____________.
      (a) Key                                           (b) Field type
      (c) Hyperline                                  (d) Field Size
      (e) None of the above
15. In a relational database, which of the following is a data structure that organizes the information about a single topic into rows & column ?
      (a) Block                                                (b) Turple
      (c) Record                                              (d) Table
      (e) Command line interface

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