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Sentence Improvement - English Language Challenge

Published on Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Sentence Improvement
1. Luxury brands are still above of the clover curve here, with their elite (small) audiences.
    (a) still ahead of the
    (b) still far of the
    (c) still in the
    (d) No Improvement

2. International campaigns can work well for luxury here, but context cannot be ignored.
    (a) so context cannot be
    (b) but context cannot
    (c) but context couldn't
    (d) No Improvement

3. For one, the Indian luxury context, while evolved rapidly, still has its own meaning, and its own implications.
     (a) while evolved rapid
     (b) which evolving rapidly
     (c) while evolving rapidly
     (d) No Improvement

4. The court held that a few women being involved in prostitution was no justice to deny other bar girls the right to livelihood.
    (a) justification to declare other
    (b) justification to deny other
    (c) justice to let other
    (d) No Improvement

5. A former PM joined hands with a suspended Lok Sabha member to float a new political outfit.
    (a) folded hands
    (b) walked hand in hand
    (c) shaked hands
    (d) No Improvement

6. You may appear more optimistic than your detractors may want it to be. 
    (a) want you to be
    (b) wish yourself to be
    (c) seek you be
    (d) No Improvement

7. You can also go to the National Museum building and the famous Prague State Opera.
    (a) went to
    (b) visit the
    (c) saw
    (d) No Improvement

8. Constructed in the ninth century by the Prince Booivoj, the castle has transformed oneself from a wooden fortress surrounded by earthen bulwarks to the imposing from it has today.
    (a) himself
    (b) herself
    (c) itself
    (d) No Improvement

9. All you want are a few more hugs of affection, which will not be too difficult to come.
    (a) to come by
    (b) to came
    (c) to come in
    (d) No Improvement

10. People around you could get too sensitive, but try to respect them for that perhaps it will help you during pay-back time.
      (a) by you
      (b) about you
      (c) near you
      (d) No Improvement

11. The flower style and placement can completely change the feel of a room.
      (a) the feeling of
      (b) the feeling for
      (c) a feel of
      (d) No Improvement

12. If you have heavy carving furniture, go for an arrangement in a container with an antique touch.
      (a) have heavy carved
      (b) had heavy carved
      (c) had heavy carving
      (d) No Improvement

13. The stalls are to come up at "A" and "B" garde station.
       (a) likely to be coming
       (b) likely to come
       (c) like to come
       (d) No Improvement

14. A new notification by the urban development ministry now makes land available to school only through auction.
      (a) makes land available to schools
      (b) making land available to schols
      (c) making land available to school
      (d) No Improvement

15. Delhi government are now blaming DDA for stalling big infrastructure projects in the Capital.
      (a) is now putting blaming on
      (b) is now blaming
      (c) is now blaming the
      (d) No Improvement


1. still far of the
2. No Improvement
3. while evolving rapidly
4. justification to deny other
5. shaked hands 
6. want you to be
7. visit the 
8.  itself
9.  to come by 
10. near you
11. No Improvement
12. have heavy carved
13. likely to come
14. makes land available to schools 
15. is now blaming      

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