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Computer Mania: 10 Questions Set (Part 33)

Published on Friday, January 29, 2016
Dear Readers,
Computer Awareness is a very important section to get a good marks for Syndicate Bank PO, LIC AAO and other Exams. Today, we are presenting you Computer Mania Session with 10 questions set on computer awareness for your preparation which is very important and you may expect similar questions in your upcoming exams.

Computer Mania: Practice Set

1. Which of the following is graphics solution for word processors?
a) Clipart
b) Wordart
c) Dropcap
d) All the above
e) None of these

2. Unix operating system was developed by
a) Walter Baatain
b) John Burdeen
c) Ken Thompson
d) All the above
e) None of these

3. Which of the following is represented by cluster in a hard disk?
a) Group of sectors
b) Total number of sectors in a disk
c) Total number of tracks
d) All the above
e) None of these

4. Airlines reservation system is a typical example of
a) Batch processing
b) On-line processing
c) Real-time processing
d) All the above
e) None of these

5. Which of the following memories is often used in a typical computer operation?
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) FDD
d) HDD
e) None of these

6. To detect, locate and remove errors in a program and/or malfunctions in equipment is to
a) Compile
b) Debug
c) Interpret
d) DSS
e) None of these

7. A program written in a high-level language is a
a) Compiled program
b) Source program
c) Objective program
d) All the above
e) None of these

8. ____________ punctuation ends most lines of C code.
a) ' (single quote)
b) ; (semi-colon)
c) . (dot)
d) : (colon)
e)" (double quote)

9. ____________ register holds the contents of accessed memory ward.
a) I/O
b) Instruction
c) Memory buffer
d) Memory address
e) Accumulation

10. Taskbar does not have
a) Start button
b) System tray
c) Quick launch bar
d) Open program
e) None of these


1. a) Clipart
2. c) Ken Thompson
3. b) Total number of sectors in a disk
4. d) All the above
5. a) RAM
6. b) Debug
7. b) Source program
8. b) ; (semi-colon)
9. c) Memory buffer
10. e) None of these

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