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English Mania Series : Grammatical Corrections

Published on Saturday, January 30, 2016
Grammatical Corrections
Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer will be 'E'.

1. (a) Everyone of the survivors
    (b) of the train accident
    (c) have told
    (d) the same story
    (e) No error

2. (a) As soon as the Managing Director
    (b) entered the factory
    (c) all the workers approached him and
    (d) report the matter
    (e) No error

3. (a) He studied
    (b) at
    (c) the Medical College
    (d) during three years
    (e) No error

4. (a) A body of volunteers
    (b) have been
    (c) organized to assist the committee
    (d) in their attempt to collect funds
    (e) No error

5. (a) The blue curtain
    (b) on the window
    (c) provides an appropriate contrast
    (d) with the pink wall
    (e) No error

6. (a) Sooner than she had arrived
    (b) her friends arranged a dinner
    (c) in her honour in the
    (d) best restaurant in town
    (e) No error

7. (a) Ever since this child
    (b) was taught by
    (c) its new tutor
    (d) it has done in exams
    (e) No error

8. (a) Before T.V., the common man haven't got
    (b) the opportunity
    (c) to see his leaders
    (d) express their views
    (e) No error

9. (a) The new model of the washing machine
    (b) costs
    (c) twice as much as
    (d) last year's model
    (e) No error

10. (a) He hoped to finish
      (b) the assignment
      (c) in the last month
      (d) but in fact he could not
      (e) No error

11. (a) If you would have seen
      (b) yesterday's cultural programmer
      (c) I am sure you
      (d) would have enjoyed watching the little ones dance
      (e) No error

12. (a) In evaluating your progress
      (b) I have taken
      (c) into account your classroom performance, your attendance, your sincerity and
      (d) how you have improved
      (e) No error

13. (a) Very few persons march
      (b) straight to succeed
      (c) without going through
      (d) periods of temporary failure and discouragement
      (e) No error

14. (a) I doubt
      (b) if Vineet
      (c) has few
      (d) than twenty tatoos
      (e) No error

15. (a) As long as
      (b) the rain
      (c) continued
      (d) I stayed at home
      (e) No error

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1. have told
2. report the matter
3. during three years
4. have been
5. with the pink wall
6. Sooner than she had arrived
7. was taught by
8. Before T.V., the common man haven't got
9. No error
10. He hoped to finish
11. If you would have seen
12. how you have improved
13. straight to succeed
14. has few
15. As long as
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