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English Mania: Sentence Improvement - Part 2

Published on Sunday, January 31, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting English Mania which is based on Sentence Improvement for Banking and Insurance exams. Try to solve it. You may expect similar type of Sentence Improvement in your upcoming exams.

Computer Mania: Practice Set

Directions (Q. 1-10): In the following questions has given below with some of its parts in bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, please give e) as your answer (i.e. No correction required).

1. Good times are just round the corner.
a) miles away
b) beyond reach
c) very near
d) in our life
e) none of these

2. He is dead set on getting a new job.
a) determined
b) not inclined
c) thrilled
d) not sure
e) None of these

3. The project must remain in limbo until the committee makes its decision.
a) on the agenda
b) in discussion
c) in controversy
d) in an uncertain state
e) None of thses

4. Little by little the snow disappeared.
a) In measured amount
b) Gradually
c) In a certain period
d) At a given time
e) None of these

5. I am going there tomorrow, as a matter of fact.
a) to find the truth
b) in search of fact
c) in reality
d) to solve the matter
e) None of these

6. The Narmada dam project has generated considerable controversy and concern since the past few years.
a) from the last years
b) for the last several years
c) of the bygone year
d) in the few years
e) None of these

7. Whenever you are in Australia, colorful sights is awaiting round every concerns.
a) are awaiting round corners
b) are around corners in here and there
c) are awaited in every corner
d) await around every corner
e) None of these

8. With things hotting now, it seems likely these cells may get a fresh lease of life.
a) it is seemingly
b) it is as if seeming
c) it seems like
d) it pretends as
e) None of these

9. Nowadays some people has made it a business to organize rallies against trivial issues.
a) have made it a business
b) has made their own business
c) have indulged in business
d) are drawing in business
e) None of these

10. As of today, less than a quarter of India’s six lakh villages have access to telephones.
a) As on today
b) Nowadays
c) As on today’s context
d) As the figure is today
e) None of these


1. c) very near
2. a) determined
3. d) in an uncertain state
4. b) Gradually
5. c) in reality
6. b) for the last several years
7. d) await around every corner
8. c) it seems like
9. a) have made it a business

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