Reasoning Seating Arrangements set from SBI PO Exam

Directions ( 1 - 5) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Seating Arrangements
  • The above building plan shows an office block for six officers Ajay, Baljinder, Chinky, Deepak, Esha and Fredrix. 
  • Both Baljinder and Chinky occupy offices to the right of the corridor (as one enters the office block) and Ajay occupies an office to the left of the corridor.
  • Esha and Fredrix occupy offices on opposite sides of the corridor but their offices do not face each other.
  • The offices of Chinky and Deepak face each other. 
  • Esha does not have a corner office.
  • Fredrix's office is further down the corridor than Ajay's but on the same side.
Q1. If Esha sits in his office and faces the corridor, whose office is to his left?
a) Ajay
b) Baljinder
c) Chinky
d) Deepak
e) None of The Above 

Q2. Whose office faces Ajay's office?
a) Baljinder 
b) Chinky
c) Deepak
d) Esha
e) None of The Above

Q3. Who is/are Fredrix's neighbor(s)?
a) Only Ajay
b) Ajay and Deepak
c) Only Chinky
d) Baljinder and Chinky
e) None of The Above

Q4. Deepak was heard telling someone to go further down the corridor to the last office on the right. To whose room, was he trying to direct that person?
a) Ajay 
b) Baljinder 
c) Chinky
d) Fredrix
e) None of The Above 

Q5. If Deepak is facing towards Chinky's office then whose office is on the left side of Deepak's office?
a)  Fredrix
b) Esha
c) Baljinder
d) Ajay
e) None of The Above 


Seating Arrangements
Answer 1 (Option C)
Chinky's office is to the left of Esha.
Answer 2 (Option D)
Esha's office faces Ajay's office.
Answer 3 (Option A)
Only Ajay is the neighbor of Fredrix.
Answer 4 (Option B)
Baljinder's office is the last office on the right side of corridor. So, Deepak was trying to direct the person to Baljinder's Office.
Answer 5 (option D)
Ajay's office is on the right side of Deepak's office.

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