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How to Solve Blood Relations Questions Quickly

Published on Monday, January 11, 2016
Hi readers,

Blood Relation is the study of relationship. It involves analysis of information showing blood relationship among members of a family. While dealing with such problems students must have adequate knowledge of relations within a family.

Today I am showing you a different way to solve these problems.

Initially read all the containing information as quickly as possible and then point out the two persons between whom relationship is to be established. Some of the relations are summarized below to help to these facts.

Form of Some Common Relations

Grandfather’s son
Father or Uncle
Grandfather’s only son
Grandmother’s only son
Mother’s or father’s mother
Mother’s or father’s father
Grandfather’s only daughter-in-law
Grandmother’s only daughter-in-law
Mother’s or father’s son
Mother’s or father’s daughter
Mother’s or father’s brother
Mother’s or father’s sister
Husband’s or wife’s sister
Husband’s or wife’s brother
Son’s wife
Daughter’s husband
Brother’s or sister’s son
Brother’s or sister’s daughter
Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter
Sister’s husband
Brother’s wife

Way to form Generation Tree
To develop blood relation tree, some standard symbols are used to indicate the relationship among the family members. Which are as follows.

=>  A is a male =   

=> A is a female =
=>  Gender of a is unknown = A
=> A and B are married to each other = 
=> A and B are siblings = 
=>  A and B are children of C =                       


·        A is only child of B =



A is mother of B=   

A is father of B=   
A is son of B=        
A is daughter of B=    

Question covered under the head of ‘Blood Relation’ further divided into following

Types :

Type 1. Statement Based

In this type of question, a round description is given in form of certain small relationship. You should analyse the whole chain of relations and dicipher.
The direct relationship between the person concerned.
There are various formats/ patterns of blood relation, some of which are illustrated below.

Example 1. Pointing to a girl, Mihir Said “ she is only daughter of my grandfather’s only child. How is the girl related to Mihir?
a)     Daughter
b)     Niece
c)     Sister
d)     Data inadequate
e)     None of these.

Solution:- (c)

Hence, girl is the daughter of Mihir’s father, so girl is sister of Mihir.

Example 2. Q’s mother is the sister of R and daughter of S and N is the daughter of R and sister of M. How is M related to S.
a)     Son
b)     Son’s father
c)     Brother
d)     Daughter’s son
e)     Data inadequate

Solution. e)

Here, gender of M is not known. Hence we cannot find the result.

Type2: Coded Relation
In this type of question relations are not given directly but represented in the form of symbols. First we have to use these codes, then expect important informations and finally answer the required one.

Example1. If A + B means A is the brother of B.
A ÷ B means A is the father of B and
A x B means A is the sister of B
Which of the following means M is the uncle of P?
1)     NxP÷M
2)     M+S÷R÷P
3)     M÷NxP
4)     M+K÷TxP
5)     None of these

Solution 4)

Here M is brother of P’s father. Hence M is uncle of P.

For any Query Kindly comment.
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