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Vocabulary Bites - Words related to Punishment

Published on Monday, January 11, 2016
Words Related to punishment :-
Vocabulary Bites

1) Castigate

To criticize (someone) harshly
Usage : The author castigated the prime minster as the ineffective leader.
Synonym : Berate, call down, scold, chastise

2) Confiscate

To seize by or as if by authority
Usage: The teacher confiscated all cell phones for the duration of the field trip.
Synonym: Impound, seize, take away, sequester

3) Deprivation

The state of not having something that people need
Usage: She is studying the effects of sleep deprivation.
Synonym: Destitution, lack, deficiency, denial

4) Forfeit

Something that is lost or given up as punishment or because of a rule or law
Usage: Person convicted of capital punishment have forfeited the right to life.
Synonym:  hand over, give up, sacrifice, part with

5) Gallows

A structure on which a criminal who has been sentenced to death is killed by being hanged
Usage: He was sentenced to the gallows.
Synonym: Derrick, nub, hanging, execution

6) Inflict

To cause someone to experience or be affected by(something unpleasant or harmful)
Usage: These insects are capable of inflicting a painful sting.
Synonym: force, press, impose, levy

7) Ostracize

To exclude (someone) from a group
Usage: Poona was ostracized from the scientific community for many years because of her radical political beliefs.
Synonym: Spurn, repudiate, exclude, expel

8) Punitive

Inflicting, involving, or aiming at punishment
Usage: The federal government will take punitive action against the company that polluted the river.
Synonym: correctional, penal, disciplinary

10) Reparation

The act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury
Usage: The country paid millions in reparations.
Synonym: restitution, amends, redress, expiate

11) Retribution

Punishment for doing something wrong 
Usage: The killer acted without fear of retribution.
Synonym: penalty, reprisal, judgement, redress

12) Incarcerate

To put in prison
Usage: The state incarcerated over 1900 people last year.
Synonym: Hold, cage, confine, immure

13) Incriminate

To cause to appear guilty of or responsible for something
Usage: In exchange for a reduced sentence, the thief agreed to incriminate his accomplice.
Synonym: Charge, accuse, indict

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