River Side Major World Cities (PDF Version)

river side cities
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As you all know that, in previous banking exams, questions were asked on the River Side Major World Cities. So, today we are presenting a short note on River Side Major World Cities which is very much important for upcoming bank exams.

River Side Major World Cities

Alexandria Egypt Nile
Amsterdam Netherlands Amstel
Allahabad India Confluence of Ganga, Jamuna & Saraswati
Ankara Turkey Kizil
Akyab Myanmar Irawady
Baghdad Iraq Tigris
Bangkok Thailand Chao Phraya
Belgrade Yugoslavia Danube, Sava
Berlin Germany Spree, Havel
Bogota Colombia Bogota
Bristol UK Avon
Brussels Belgium Senne
Budapest Hungary Danube
Buenos Aires Argentina Rio de la Plata
Cairo Egypt Nile
Chittagong Bangladesh Maiyani
Damascus Syria Barada
Delhi India Yamuna
Dublin Ireland Liffey
Glasgow Scotland Clyde
Hamburg Germany Elbe
Haridwar India Ganga
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Saigon
Hong Kong China Pearl
Jakarta Indonesia Liwung
Kabul Afghanistan Kabul
Karachi Pakistan Indus
Kiev Ukraine Dnieper
Kolkata India Hooghly
Lisbon Portugal Tagus
Lima Peru Rimac
London England Thames
Madrid Spain Manzanares
Melbourne Australia Yarra
Montreal Canada St. Lawrence
Moscow Russia Moskva
New Castle UK Tyre
New Orleans US Mississippi
New York US Hudson
Paris France Seine
Philadelphia US Delaware
Prague Czech Republic Moldau
Quebec Canada St. Lawrence
Rome Italy Tiber
Saint Petersburg Russia Neva
Santiago Chile Mapocho
Sao Paulo Brazil Tiete
Seoul South Korea Han
Shanghai China Huangpu
Tokyo Japan Sumida
Vienna ustria Danube
Warsaw Poland Vistula
Yangon Myanmar Irawady
Zagreb Croatia Sava
Zurich Switzerland Limmat, Sihl

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