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Banking Awareness Quiz : 15 Questions from Previous Papers

Published on Tuesday, February 09, 2016
1. The RBI tracks retail inflation in deciding its monetary policy action. The retail inflation in the month of jun stood at an eight-month high of ____________.
    (a) 5.01 per cent
    (b) 7.6 per cent
    (c) 6.1 per cent
    (d) 5.4 per cent
    (e) None of these

2. Which of the following banks has launched 'Dhanchayat', an educational film to raise awareness on the dangers of borrowing money from unorganized sources ?
    (a) ICICI Bank
    (b) SBI
    (c) HDFC Bank
    (d) Axis Bank
    (e) None of these

3. In the field of banking, which of the following, transactions done through a mobile device will be termed as mobile banking ?
    (a) Loan application
    (b) Cheque book request
    (c) Balance inquiry
    (d) Fund transfer
    (e) All the above

4. Which of the following is a secondary function of commerical banks ?
    (a) Taking deposits
    (b) Facilitating overdraft
    (c) Buying/selling securities
    (d) Providing money on demand
    (e) None of these

5. Who among the following has been nominated by the Central Govt to be director on the Central Board of Directors of the RBI with immediate effect ?
     (a) UK Sinha
     (b) Arvind Subramanian
     (c) Rajiv Mehrishi
     (d) Ajay Tyagi
     (e) None of these

6. The IndusInd Bank has raised Rs. 5,081 cr by issuing six crore new shares via QIP and preferential issuances. Here, the term QIP stands for ________________________.
     (a) Qualified Institutional Purchase
     (b) Qualified Institutional Procurement
     (c) Qualified Institutional Placement
     (d) Qualified Institutional Planning
     (e) None of these

7. The infrastructure financier IDFC will start banking operations from Oct 1. Who among the following will be the chairman of the bank ?
    (a) Vikram Limaye
    (b) Vinod Rai
    (c) Anil Baijal
    (d) Rajiv Lall
    (e) None of these

8. Which of the following statements about demand drafts (DD) is NOT correct ?
    (a) DD is a type of cheque
    (b) A DD is payable on demand
    (c) DD is a negotiable instrument
    (d) If a Bank fails to honour the DD, the Bank is liable for it.
    (e) None of these

9. A stop-payment request can be put in the case of which of the following instrument ?
    (a) Demand Draft
    (b) Cheque
    (c) Money order
    (d) NEFT
    (e) None of these

10. Which of the following is NOT a part of the techniques/instruments used by the RBI for money/credit control ?
    (a) Sole authority for issuing banknotes
    (b) Refinance
    (c) Bank rate
    (d) Open Market Operations
    (e) None of these

11. Name the RBI committee on the urban cooperative bank (UCB) system, on whose recommendations the central bank has asked the govt to amend co-operative bank laws.
     (a) SS Mundra
     (b) Urjit Patel
     (c) R Gandhi
     (d) HR Khan
     (e) None of these

12. The qualitative instruments used by the RBI to implement its monetary policy does not include which of the following?
     (a) Moral suasion
     (b) Selective credit control
     (c) Consumer credit regulation
     (d) Margin requirement
     (e) None of these

13. Which of the following banks has launched its 'Saral-Rural Housing Loan' at base rate of 9.7 per cent for borrowers from rural areas ?
      (a) ICICI Bank
      (b) HDFC Bank
      (c) Axis Bank
      (d) SBI
      (e) None of these

14. Who among the following is NOT a deputy governor of the RBI as of now ?
       (a) HR Khan
       (b) Urjit R. Patel
       (c) R Gandhi
       (d) Anand Sinha
       (e) None of these

15. Which of the following is one of the public sector banks nationalized in 1980 in the second phase of nationalization ?
       (a) Allahabad Bank
       (b) Bank of Baroda
       (c) Corporation Bank
       (d) Canara Bank
       (e) None of these


1. 5.4 per cent
2. HDFC Bank
3. All the above
4. Buying/selling securities
5. Ajay Tyagi
6. Qualified Institutional Placement
7. Anil Baijal
8. DD is a type of cheque
9. Cheque
10. Sole authority for issuing banknotes
11. R Gandhi
12. None of these
13. ICICI Bank
14. Anand Sinha
15. Corporation Bank

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