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Banking Awareness Quiz for LIC AAO Exam

Published on Tuesday, February 16, 2016
1. As per the RBI annual report 2014-15, how many metric tonnes of Gold is held by the Central Bank ?
    (a) 292
    (b) 850
    (c) 145
    (d) 557
    (e) None of these

2. Which of following is not a part of the scheduled banking structure in India ?
    (a) Money lenders
    (b) Public sector banks
    (c) Private sector banks
    (d) Regional rural banks
    (e) None of these

3. For recapitalization of Public Sector Banks, the World Bank has decided to provide funds to India. These funds will be made available in the form of ______________.
    (a) Term loan
    (b) Soft loan
    (c) Emergency aid
    (d) Grants
    (e) None of these

4. Which of the following terms is NOT used in Banking Finance ?
     (a) Bid price
     (b) Jacksonian Seizure
     (c) Call Option
     (d) Bluechip
     (e) None of these

5. Banks borrow money from the RBI on which of the following rates ?
    (a) Bank rate
    (b) CRR
    (c) SLR
    (d) Repo Rate
    (d) None of these
    (e) None of these

6. Capital market Regulator is ____________.
    (a) RBI
    (b) NSE
    (c) BSE
    (d) SEBI
    (e) None of these     

7. Who was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in November 2015 ?
    (a) C. Rangarajan
    (b) Raghuram Rajan
    (c) Kaushik Basu
    (d) Bimal Jalan
    (e) None of these

8. Which of the following has become the first comercial state owned Bank to issue green bonds ?
     (a) Yes Bank
     (b) HDFC
     (c) Axis Bank
     (d) IDBI
     (e) None of these

 9. Who among the following has been appointed as executive director on the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ?
     (a) Rakesh Mohan
     (b) Subir Gokarn
     (c) Madam Christien Lagarde
     (d) Urjit Patel
     (e) None of these

10. ____________ launched Neev fund to help low-income states. It is the first low-income state infrastructure equity partnership in London.
     (a) ICICI Bank
     (b) Axis Bank
     (c) SBI
     (d) HDFC
     (e) None of these

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