English Grammar Test : Fill in the blanks

grammar test
Directions : In the following questions choose the correct options to fill the blanks.

1. This is the girl ____________ father is a scientist.
     (a) whose
     (b) whom
     (c) who
     (d) None of these

 2. The birds ________ have long tails are liked by all.
    (a) who
    (b) whom
    (c) which
    (d) None of these

3. This is the boy ____________ uncle is an army officer.
    (a) whom
    (b) which
    (c) whose
    (d) None of these

4. That boy ___________ father is a doctor is an intelligent one.
     (a) whose
     (b) which
     (c) whom
     (d) None of these

5. Those __________ love violence finally bow down to the more powerful.
     (a) whose
     (b) whom
     (c) who
     (d) None of these

 6. She is the girl ___________ we saw in the theater.
    (a) who
    (b) whom
    (c) whose
    (d) None of these

7. __________ of the students were making a great noise.
    (a) Anyone
    (b) Somebody
    (c) Many
    (d) None of these

8. _________ of the students can solve this sum.
    (a) Someone
    (b) Anybody
    (c) Somebody
    (d) None of these

 9. My sister is a ____________.
    (a) bacheloress
    (b) bachelor
    (c) spinster
    (d) None of these

10. One is supposed to do _____________.
      (a) our duty
      (b) their duty
      (c) one's duty
      (d) None of these

11. I cannot tolerate ___________.
      (a) separated you
      (b) your separation
      (c) separation from you
      (d) None of these

12. They should help ____________.
      (a) the poor people
      (b) the poor
      (c) the poor persons
      (d) None of these

13. _________ are mad.
      (a) All his sons
      (b) His all sons
      (c) Sons all his
      (d) None of these

14. The poor fellow ___________ to fate.
      (a) resigned
      (b) resigned himself
      (c) resigned itself
      (d) None of these

 15. Nobody will help you but _________.
      (a) I
      (b) me
      (c) ours
      (d) None of these


1. whose
2. which
3. whose
4. whose
5. who
6. whom
7. Many
8. None of these
9. spinster
10. one's duty
11. separation from you
12. the poor
13. All his sons
14. resigned himself
15. I

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