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Ancient History Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams (Set- 4)

Published on Thursday, March 24, 2016
Dear Readers, 
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Ancient History which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Ancient History Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams

1. The Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang, called the Prince of Pilgrims visited India during the reign of
a) Harsha
b) Chandragupta II
c) Dharampala
d) Devapala 

2. Harshacharita the biography of Harsha, was written by
a) Banabhatta
b) Sudraka
c) Sri Harsha
d) Gunadhva 

3. Harsha was defeated by
a) Sasanka
b) king of Valabhi
c) Bhaskarvarman
d) Pulkesin II 

4. Kalhana’s Rajatarangini is a work on the history of
a) Kashmir
b) Malwa
c) Bengal
d) Gujarat 

5. India’s earliest contact with Islam was established through
a) Turkish invasions of the 11th – 12th centuries
b)Arab invasion of Sindh in the 7th century
c) Sufi saints and Arab travellers
d) Arab merchants of Malabar coast 

6. The capital of the Pallavas was
a) Madurai
b) Mahabalipuram
c) Kanchi or Conjeevaram
d) Thanjavur 

7. The foundation of the Dravidian style of architecture in South India was laid by
a) Pandyas
b) Pallavas
c) Cholas
d) Chalukyas of kalyani 

8. The masterpiece of Chola sculpture is the famous Nataraja or the Dancing Shiva image at
a) Thanjavur
b) Chidambaram
c) Kalahasti
d) Sri Sailam 

9. The greatest Kusana ruler, whose contribution to Buddhism was even greater than that of Ashoka was
a) Kadphises
b) Kanishka I
c) Vaishka
d) Huvishka

10. The worship of images in India began during the ________ period.
a) Mouryan
b) Sunga
c) Kusana
d) Gupta 


1. a) Harsha
2. a) Banabhatta
3. d) Pulkesin II
4. a) Kashmir
5. d) Arab merchants of Malabar coast
6. c) Kanchi or Conjeevaram
7. b) Pallavas
8. b) Chidambaram
9. b) Kanishka I
10. c) Kusana 

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