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Idioms and Phrases : Expected Questions for Exams

Published on Friday, March 25, 2016
Directions :
Tick mark the choice that correctly explain the idiom.

1. To rest on one's laurels
(a) to depend on one's fame
(b) to be a parasite
(c) to retire from active life
(d) to crave for popularity

2.To stick to one's guns
(a) to be brave
(b) to maintain one's own opinion
(c) to stand near a gun
(d) to be arrogant

3. Yeoman's service
(a) lip-service
(b) to serve like a slave
(c) to play godfather
(d) to help in need

4. A blue stocking
(a) stocking which is blue in colour
(b) a clean-cheat
(c) an unreliable person
(d) a woman having literary tastes and learning

5. A wet blanket
(a) a blanket which is wet
(b) a serious man
(c) one who discourages others
(d) one who interferes in other's affairs

6.To Come across
(a) to cross the river
(b) to challenge someone
(c) to meet with
(d) to depend

7. To pin one's faith upon
(a) to have less faith in
(b) to be overconfident
(c) having a strong desire
(d) to  depend

8.To lead up the garden path
(a) to lead to the garden
(b) to steal fruit
(c) to deny the facts
(d) to mislead

9. Half baked
(a) Not gully cooked
(b) to receive half salary
(c) important features
(d) inexperienced

10. Beyond one's ken
(a) out of one's reach
(b) to think very high of oneself
(c) a very difficult task
(d) out of one's sight

11. To make meal of
(a) to cook
(b) to enjoy sumptuous food
(c) to consume
(d) to have early lunch

12. To put up with
(a) to stay  together
(b) to postpone
(c) to annoy
(d) to bear

13. Through thick and thin
(a)  to walk through a thick fog
(b) both rich and poor
(c) under all conditions
(d) to think about

14. To come to terms
(a) to make an agreement
(b) to intimidate
(c) to avenge
(d) to prepare a balance sheet

15. In a whirl
(a) to dive deep
(b) to face boldly
(c) to cross the river in a storm
(d) confusion


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