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Cloze Test Set : Important for Upcoming Exams

Published on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
cloze test
Directions :
Read the following passage  carefully and fill in the numbers blanks by choosing appropriate words from the choice given at the end of the passage.

Day by day, her influence and dignity(1).First of all, she received the little of Noor Mahal. 'Light of the Harem'/ but was afterwords  distinguished (2) that of noor jahan Begam,'Light of the world.
All her relations and connections  were raised to honour and wealth .No grant of lands was conferred upon(3) except under her seal .In addition to giving her the title other kings bestowed, the Emperor  granted Noor jahan the rights (4)  sovereignty and government.Sometimes, she would sit in the balcony of her palace , while  the nobles would present themselves  and listen to her dictates.(5) coin was struck in her name, with this superscription "by order of the king , Jehangir , gold has a hundred splendours  added to it by receiving te impression of the name of Noor Jahan, the Queen Begam."On all farmans also receiving (6) Imperial signature, name of Noor Jahan, the Queen Begam', was jointly attached . At last, her authority reached such a pass that the king was such only in name.Repeatedly ,he gave out (7) he had bestowed the sovereignty on Noor Jahan Begam, and would of meat." It is impossible to describe the beauty (8) wisdom of the Queen .In any matter that was presented to her if a difficulty arose, she (9) solved it. Whoever threw himself  upon her protection was preserved from tyranny and oppression; and if ever she learnt that any orphan girl was destitute and friendless, she would bring (10) her marriage, and give for a  wedding portion .It is probable that during her reign , not less than 500 orphan girls were thus married and portioned.

1. (a) enhanced 
(b) increased
(c) heightened
(d) magnified

2. (a) by 
(b) for 
(c) of 
(d) in

3. (a) any
(b) anyone
(c) any one
(d) no one

4. (a) to
(b) for
(c) beside
(d) of

5. (a) a
(b) the
(c) an
(d) no word needed

6. (a) the 
(b) an
(c) of
(d) no word needed

7. (a) what
(b) which
(c) that
(d) no word needed

8.(a) and 
(b) as well as
(c) also
(d) as

9. (a) at once 
(b) immediately
(c) soon
(d) quickly

10.(a) off
(b) out
(c) in
(d) about
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