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Chemistry Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams (Set- 3)

Published on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Dear Readers,
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Chemistry which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Chemistry Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams

1. Marble is
a) Calcium carbonate
b) sodium carbonate
c) magnesium sulphate
d) ferric chloride 

2. The form of carbon used in decolourising suger solution is
a) wood charcoal
b) animal charcoal
c) coconut charcoal
d) lamp black 

3. Artificial diamonds were produced by
a) Moissan
b) Davy
c) Faraday
d) Marie Curie 

4. Marsh gas is
a) ethane
b) ethylene
c) acetylene
d) Methane 

5. The oldest known organic compound is
a) urea
b) methane
c) acetic acid
d) benzene 

6. Vinegar is the trade name for
a) chloroform
b) acetic acid
c) phenol
d) carbon tetrachloride 

7. The scientist who synthesized the first organic compound (urea) in the laboratory was
a) Wohler
b) Dalton
c) Lavoisier
d) Fischer 

8. Methylated spirit is a mixture of
a) methyl alcohol and acetic acid
b) methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol
c) ethyl alcohol and pyridine
d) methyl alcohol and pyridine 

9. The simplest hydrocarbon is
a) benzene
b) methane
c) ethane
d) butane 

10. During fermentation, the by- product is
a) ethyl alcohol
b) methyl alcohol
c) Carbon monoxide
d) carbon dioxide 


1. a) Calcium carbonate
2. b) animal charcoal
3. a) Moissan
4. d) Methane
5. b) acetic acid
6. b) acetic acid
7. a) Wohler
8. b) methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol
9. b) methane
10. d) carbon dioxide 


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