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Fill up the blanks - Confusing Words

Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2016
fill in the blanks
1. He was walking ___________ the president.
    (a) besides
    (b) beside

 2. This scheme will prove to be ___________ in the long run.
    (a) beneficial
    (b) beneficiary

3. She is a person of ____________ taste.
    (a) artistic
    (b) artful

 4. Plague is a __________ disease.
    (a) contagious
    (b) infections

 5. Burglary is a ___________.
    (a) crime
    (b) sin

6. Suresh is __________ to smoking.
    (a) devoted
    (b) addicted

7. The post-office __________ the stamps on letter before despatch.
     (a) effaces
     (b) defaces

 8. The judge granted ___________ and the man was released.
     (a) forgiveness
     (b) pardon

9. Being __________ the child spoke the truth.
    (a) innocent
    (b) innocuous

10. This was the most __________ innings of his career.
      (a) memorial
      (b) memorable

11. The Rashtrapati Bhavan gives an ________ look.
       (a) imperial
       (b) imperious

12. Naresh was trying his best to get __________ with the girls.
      (a) popular
      (b) populous

13. Keats' poems are mostly ____________.
      (a) sensual
      (b) sensuous

14. The husband abused his wife ___________.
      (a) wilfully
      (b) willingly

15. The texture of his cloth is __________.
      (a) coarse
      (b) course


1. beside
2. beneficial
3. artistic
4. contagious
5. crime
6. addicted
7. defaces
8. pardon
9. innocent
10. memorable
11. imperial
12. popular
13. sensuous
14. willingly
15. coarse
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