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Vocabulary Bites (Part 12): Learn New Words Easily

Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

1. Diminutive

    Definition: Very small.
    Usage: The diminutive boy slipped easily through the fence.

2. Virile

    Definition: Characteristics of a man.
    Usage: He thought of himself as a virile young man and put on a haughty manner whenever he met young ladies at parties. 

3. Wangle

     Definition: To get something that you want by persuading someone or by tricking them.
     Usage: He tried to wangle a free meal from the chef by praising his dishes over enthusiastically. 

4. Visage

    Definition: A person's face.
    Usage: The serious visage of the judge concealed a great sense of humour that lurked beneath. 

5. Vicarious

    Definition: (Experience) Derived through putting oneself in the position of the
one being imagined.
    Usage: Films were her passion and she derived vicarious pleasure imagining herself as one of the characters on screen. 

6. Vassal

    Definition: (Feudalistic) Lessee of a land owned by a superior.
    Usage: The landlord demanded that his vassals pay more in taxes than the prevalent rate. 

7. Umbrage

    Definition: Offence or annoyance , shade or shadow, especially as cast by trees.
    Usage: She had no sense of humour and took umbrage at the slightest remark which makes even the slightest fun of her. 

8. Undulating

    Definition: Having a wavy outline or appearance.
    Usage: The cheering squad egged their team on with an undulating display of swaying arms and loud cheers. 

9. Untrammelled

    Definition: Not restrained.
    Usage: Her parents were unable to come to terms with her lifestyle which was untrammelled by the regular norms of society and disowned her. 

10. Upshot

      Definition: The final result or outcome ; the central idea or point.
      Usage: The upshot of the boxing match was that the reigning champion was defeated by the new player in minutes. 

11. Throng

      Definition: A crowd of people.
      Usage: He was met by a throng of journalists and photographers. 

12. Titter

      Definition: Nervous laughter.
      Usage: Though she looked calm and poised at the meeting her constant titter gave away her nervousness at meeting the chairperson. 

13. Gist

      Definition: The main or general meaning of a piece of writing, a speech, or a conversation.
      Usage: I missed the beginning of the lecture-can you give me the gist of what he said? 

14. Accost

     Definition: Be first to approach and speak.
     Usage: She got extremely agitated when the salesman accosted her as she was window shopping and pressing product on her. 

15. Acidulous

      Definition: Faintly sour or acid-like.
      Usage: She never had any complimentary comment to make; they were always acidulous and sarcastic.

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