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General Awareness Quiz for SSC - Part 9

General Awareness Quiz
1. The first country which recognized the emergence of Bangladesh was ___________.
    (a) Sri Lanka
    (b) Soviet Russia
    (c) USA
    (d) India

2. Which Indian ruler conquered Java and Sumatra ?
     (a) Rajaraja Chola
     (b) Rajendra Chola
     (c) Samudragupta
     (d) Vikramaditya
     (e) None of these

3. Raja Rammohun Roy was the founder of ______________.
    (a) Arya Samaj
    (b) Brahmo Samaj
    (c) Ramakrishna Mission
    (d) Prarthana Samaj
    (e) None of these

 4. The most industrialized country in Asia is _____________.
    (a) Japan
    (b) South Korea
    (c) Taiwan
    (d) Malaysia
    (e) None of these

5. Which one of the following Union Territories of India has more than one district
     (a) Chandigarh
     (b) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
     (c) Lakshadweep
     (d) Puducherry
     (e) None of these

 6. Who was the Political guru of Gandhiji ?
    (a) Dadabhai Nauroji
    (b) Gopalkrishna Gokhale
    (c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    (d) Lala Lajpat Rai
    (e) None of these

7. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is at ____________.
     (a) Paris
     (b) Washington
     (c) Manila
     (d) Canberra
     (e) None of these

 8. The vitamin which is amply found in South Indian Idli is _____________.
     (a) Vitamin A
     (b) Vitamin B
     (c) Vitamin C
     (d) Vitamin D
     (e) None of these

9. Acid rain is due to the air pollution by
    (a) Carbon dioxide
    (b) Carbon monoxide
    (c) Methane
    (d) Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide
    (e) None of these

10. A 24-hour hotline for HIV/AIDS information service is in ____________.
      (a) New Delhi
      (b) Mumbai
      (c) Bangalore
      (d) Hyderabad
      (e) None of these

11. The river Volga pours its water into the ____________.
      (a) Black Sea
      (b) Caspian Sea
      (c) Baltic Sea
      (d) Arabian Sea
      (e) None of these

12. The pioneer of the Bhakti Movement in India was _____________.
       (a) Kabir
       (b) Ramanand
       (c) Tukaram
       (d) Shankaracharya
       (e) None of these

13. Which State in the Indian Union is the smallest in area ?
       (a) Sikkim
       (b) Nagaland
       (c) Goa
       (d) Asom
       (e) None of these

14. The famous Bengal famine took place in the year
      (a) 1936
      (b) 1941
      (c) 1943
      (d) 1915
      (e) None of these

 15. Triton is a satellite of
      (a) Jupiter
      (b) Mercury
      (c) Uranus
      (d) Neptune
      (e) None of these


1. India
2. Rajendra Chola
3. Brahmo Samaj
4. Japan
5. Puducherry
6. Gopalkrishna Gokhale
7. Manila
8. Vitamin B
9. Nitrous oxide and Sulphur dioxide
10. New Delhi
11. Caspian Sea
12. Shankaracharya
13. Goa
14. 1943
15. Neptune

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