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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (31.03.2016) - 1st Shift

Published on Thursday, March 31, 2016
1) Bankers of Banks?
Ans: RBI
2) Asian Games Held in India?
Ans: 1951

3) National unity day?
Ans: 31st Oct
4) Indian coins made up of?
Ans: Ferritic Steel
5) NASA Headquarter?
Ans: Washington DC
6) Osama Bin laden killed at ?
Ans: Tora Bora,Afghanistan
7) Who hits 6 sixes in an over in world cup T20?
Ans: Yuvraj Singh
8) Highest Tea Producing State of India?
Ans: Assam
9) Who Won Gold Medal in tennis in 2012 Olympics?
Ans: Andy Murray
10) Kuchipudi Belongs to which state?
Ans: Andhra Pradesh
11) World heritage site by UNSECO in 1985?
Ans: Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
12) Who plays a key role in Nalanda university?
Ans: Chancellor
13) Water droplets cause rainbow due to ?
Ans: Dispersion of Light
14) NFC is based on ?
15) Larynx is?
Ans: voice box
16) 2014 common wealth games badminton winner at glasgow ?
Ans: Parupalli Kashyap
17) Who appoints governor?
Ans: President
18) Partition of Bengal in 1905 is done by?
Ans: Viceroy of India,Lord Curzon
19) Webpages are written in?
20) Captcha is used for?
Ans: Security
21) Young crocodile called ?
Ans: Hatchlings
22) 2018 FIFA world cup venue?
Ans: Moscow, Russia
23) Nustar – x ray is use to detect?
Ans: Black Holes
24) Most spread forest in india?
Ans: Tropical dry deciduous
25) Dialysis is treatment for ?
Ans: Kidney
26) Evaporation of liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in?
Ans: Reverse Osmosis
27) IMO Full Form?
Ans: International maritime organisation
28) First home minister?
Ans: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
29) National highway greenery plan?
Ans: To Plant trees along 6,000 km of highways.
30) Computer Security Day?
Ans: 30 Nov
31) Who is Gandhiji’s Political Guru?
Ans: Gopala Krishna Gokhale
32) New Scheme for Farmers?
Ans: Crop Insurance Scheme
33) Kudankulam situated in?
Ans: Tamil Nadu
34) First women CM?
Ans: Sucheta Kriplani
35) Chandrayan -1 launched on which year?
Ans: 2008

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