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Step by Step Technique for solving Reading Comprehensions

Published on Thursday, March 31, 2016
Reading Comprehenions
We all are very petrified when it comes to solving a reading comprehension or an unseen passage in any competitive exam. “Comprehension” means the ability to understand.
Well, the irony is that most of us actually struggle to understand the central plot of the reading comprehension itself.

In this article I will tell you how to solve an unseen passage or a reading comprehension. These are my tips & tricks that I follow personally and have helped me immensely to score well.

1. Fix the Timeline

Always set aside particular time duration for solving a comprehension. Be sure not exceed the set time, but in case you finish it earlier, you can devote the extra time to other sections.

2. Read Questions First

Now, what I do may sound strange to some of you, but this trick has proven to be really helpful for me. I read the questions, given after the passage first so that I know beforehand what I have to look for in the passage. This is something which will also help you to have a gist of the passage.

3. Read the Passage twice

Read the passage twice or maybe thrice. Yes, you read it right. A comprehension generally cannot be understood in the first go. So, read it very quickly for the first time and for the second and third time, read it very carefully focusing on locating the answers of the questions.

4. Go back to passage

This one is for the synonyms and antonyms. Read one line before and one line after the word for which you have to find the meaning or the opposite of it.

5. Follow Vocabulary Bites on Bankexamstoday

Improve your vocabulary as much as you can as it will straightaway fetch you 3-4 marks by solving synonyms and antonyms. These 3-4 marks can make a huge difference by increasing your merit.

6. Skip questions

Skip the questions for which you cannot find the answer to. Yes, be wise and skip those questions. You don’t have to waste your precious time and find all the answers to the given questions. It will waste a lot of time of yours and the negative marking for any wrong question will bring down your score. So, do not be in a haste to answer all the questions.

7. What if there is shortage of time

If a comprehension is very lengthy, then what you can do is to focus mostly on the opening, closing and the middle paragraph to locate the answers. Well, most of the answers are usually in the opening and closing paragraph. So, make sure to give them extra attention.

8. Practice, practice and practice!

Practice a lot of comprehensions from different books and online. Attempting a lot of comprehensions will help you to get a hold of it. The more familiar you get with the idea of attempting at least 3-4 comprehensions daily, the more you will learn new techniques and new words.


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