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Indian Polity Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams (Set-5)

Published on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Dear Readers, 
Today we are presenting you a 10 question set on Indian Polity which is very important for your upcoming SSC CGL 2016 and RRB NTPC 2016. Try to solve it.

Indian Polity Quiz for SSC and Railways Exams

1. Which is the oldest of all the federal Constitutions in the world?
a) Ireland
b) Canada
c) USA
d) Australia 

2. The French Settlement of Pondicherry was ceded to India by the French Government in
a) 1950
b) 1954
c) 1952
d) 1955 

3. The normal life of the House of the People is five years, but it may be dissolved earlier by the
a) Speaker
b) Prime Minister
c) President
d) Vice- President 

4. Mr……… led the first minority government of the country
a) Morarji Desai
b) Charan Singh
c) VP Singh
d) Chandrasekhar 

5. There shall be a President of India, according to Article
a) 50
b) 51
c) 52
d) 53 

6. There shall be a Vice-President of India, according to Article
a) 63
b) 64
c) 54
d) 57 

7. What is the final formality without which no Central Bill can become a law in our country?
a) Signature of the Prime Minister
b) Signature of the Speaker, Lok Sabha
c) Signature of the President
d) none of these 

8. During the period 15th August 1947 to the 26th January 1950, the political status of India was that of a
a) Sovereign Republic
b) Dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations
c) Sovereign Republic and a member of the Commonwealth
d) Sovereign State 

9. When both the offices of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are vacant, the Duties of the Speaker shall be performed by a member of the Lok Sabha appointed by the
a) Prime Minister
b) President
c) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha
d) Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha 

10. Business in Parliament can be transacted
a) Only in Hindi
b) only in English
c) In Hindi or in English
d) In only regional language


1. c) USA
2. b) 1954
3. c) President
4. c) VP Singh
5. c) 52
6. a) 63
7. c) Signature of the President
8. b) Dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations
9. b) President
10. c) In Hindi or in English 

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