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Vocabulary Bites Part (3) : Learn New Words Easy Way

Published on Saturday, March 19, 2016

1. Vociferous

     Definition: Expressing your opinions or feelings in a loud and confident way
     Usage: The council's decision was met by vociferous complaints from the assembled residents.

2. Aggravate

   Definition: To make an illness or a bad or unpleasant situation worse | to annoy someone, especially deliberately |
   Usage: Her constant interruptions were very aggravating. 

3. Amicable

    Definition: Done or achieved in a polite or friendly way and without arguing
    Usage: The two towns came to an amicable agreement over water rights. 

4. Lackluster

    Definition: Not interesting or exciting.
    Usage: The actor gave a lackluster performance in his latest film. 

5. Credulous

    Definition: Too ready to believe things and therefore easy to trick.
    Usage: Credulous consumers will often buy products of little or no real value. 

6. Intelligible

    Definition: That can be easily understood
    Usage: She gave an intelligible answer to a difficult question.

7. Amenable

    Definition: Easy to control
    Usage: Some of the old computer hardware is not amenable to alteration and must be replaced entirely. 

8. Hostile

    Definition: Very unfriendly or aggressive and ready to argue or fight.
    Usage: The warriors showed hostility to the neighboring tribe. 

9. Commemorative

Definition: Intended to help people remember and respect an important person or event in the past
Usage: A commemorative stamp was released on Martyr's Day to recall the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters. 

10. Exculpate

      Definition: Clear from blame or guilt
      Usage: An alibi given by a respected senior helped to exculpate the officer who was suspected of a theft.

11. Egregious

      Definition: Extremely bad.
      Usage: The senator's misuse of money was an egregious violation of public trust. 

12. Commendation

      Definition: Praise
      Usage: Stan received a commendation for bravery. 

13. Ample

     Definition: Enough or more than enough.
     Usage: The little kid had ample food on his plate. 

14. Forgery

      Definition: The crime of falsely making or copying a document in order to deceive people.
      Usage: He was found guilty of forgery. 

15. Inclement

      Definition: Not pleasant
      Usage: Thousands braved the inclement weather last week. 
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