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Vocabulary Bites Part 4 : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Monday, March 21, 2016

1. Foreboding

    Definition: A strong feeling that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen.
     Usage: He has a strange foreboding that he will get into an accident.

2. Vanity

    Definition: Too much pride in your own appearance, abilities, or achievements | the quality of being unimportant, especially compared with other things that are important
    Usage: She would always wake up and look in the mirror because of her vanity. 

3. Barbaric

    Definition: Cruel and violent, and not as expected from people who are educated and respect each other.
    Usage: The barbaric teenagers destroyed the old house at the back of the neighborhood. 

4. Nadir

    Definition: The worst or lowest point of something
    Usage: Pakistan seems to have reached the nadir of its long history because of the daily bombings and loss of innocent lives. 

5. Smug

    Definition: Looking or feeling too pleased about something you have done or achieved.
    Usage: He smiled smugly as the results were announced. 

6. Enumerate

    Definition: To name things on a list one by one.
    Usage: She enumerated the main points.  

7. Ameliorate

   Definition: To make (something, such as a problem) better, less painful, etc.
   Usage: Wishing to ameliorate the offended guest the chief coordinator ran behind him full of apologies. 

8. Vocation

    Definition: 1) a type of work or way of life that you believe is especially suitable for you 2) a belief that you have been chosen by God to be a priest or nun
   Usage: A vocation to the priesthood.

9. Derision

    Definition: The feeling that people express when they criticize and laugh at someone or something in an insulting way
    Usage: His crazy behavior became a source of derision for those around him. 

10. Augment

     Definition: To increase the amount, value, size, etc. of something
     Usage: Nuclear generators are used to augment the solar power in the space station. 

11. Upbraid

      Definition: Scold severely
      Usage: Not only did the headmaster upbraid the students for ragging the freshers but also suspended them for a week. 

12. Dawdle

      Definition: To take a long time to do something or go somewhere.
      Usage: It's relaxing to dawdle in the shower but it wastes water. 

13. Docile

      Definition: Easily managed or handled;teachable.
      Usage: She cringed in her corner whining and docile. 

14. Boon

      Definition: Something that is very helpful and makes life easier for you.
      Usage: The new software will prove a boon to Internet users. 

15. Cavil

      Definition: To make unnecessary complaints about something.
      Usage: A customer caviled about the price.
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