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Vocabulary Bits (Part 5) : Pictorial Explanations

Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

1. Dilate

    Definition: To become or to make something larger, wider, or more open.
    Usage: The doctor gave me eye drops that made my pupils dilate.

2. Complacency

    Definition: A feeling of satisfaction with yourself or with a situation, so that you do not think any change is necessary.
    Usage: John showed complacency after winning the gold medal in the London Olympics.' 

3. Capacious

    Definition: Possessed of abundant capacity (space)
    Usage: The car is renowned for its capacious interior and storage space that created a luxurious feel. 

4. Cramped

    Definition: 1) not having room to move freely 2) with small letters close together and therefore difficult to read
    Usage: There are hundreds of families living in cramped conditions. 

5. Ambiguity

    Definition: The state of having more than one possible meaning.
    Usage: She can't write well so the letter was full of ambiguity.

6. Census

    Definition: The process of officially counting something, especially a country's population, and recording various facts; the results of this process.
    Usage: A census is conducted every ten years in the United States.

7. Complicity

    Definition: The act of taking part with another person in a crime.
    Usage: The detective told Maria that Sara was suspected of complicity in the crime.

8. Conspiracy

    Definition: A secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegal.
    Usage: The noblemen planned a deadly conspiracy against the king and would later put it into action.

9. Amateurish

    Definition: Not done or made well or with skill.
    Usage: The decision to invest more money in the sick manufacturing unit was considered an amateurish move on the part of the seasoned businessman. 

10. Dispersion

      Definition: The process by which people or things are spread over a wide area.
      Usage: "population dispersion" 

11. Ominous

      Definition: Suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future.
      Usage: The dark clouds in the sky looked ominous. 

12. Destitute

      Definition: Without money, food, and the other things necessary for life | lacking something.
      Usage: Though many students in the class were from rich families some were so poor they would be considered destitute. 

13. Concord

      Definition: 1) peace and agreement 2) the fact of having the same number, gender, or person.
      Usage: Living in concord with people of different races and religions.

14. Superfluous

      Definition: More than you need or want.
      Usage: The Internet would be superfluous if students wrote their own sentences. 

15. Viscid

      Definition: Sticky and Slimy.
      Usage: The honey turned even more viscid in the cold.
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