Cloze Test : Important for SBI Clerk Exam

Directions :

sbi clerk
Read the following passage carefully and fill in the numbered gaps by selecting words from the choices given below.

We are all short-sighted,and very often see but one side of (1) matter;
our views are not extended to all (2) has a connection with it. From this (3). I think no man is free. We see but in part, and we know but in part, and therefore, it is (4) wonder we conclude not right from our partial views. This (5)instruct the proudest esteemer of his  own parts how (6) it is to talk and consult with others, even such as come short of him in capacity,quickness, and intelligence.For (7) no one sees all, and we generally have different prospects of the same thing, according to our different ,(8) as I may say , to it .It is not incongruous to think, nor beneath (9) man to try , whether another man may not have nations of things which have escaped him, and which his (10) would make use of if they into his mind.
(a) the
(b) any
(c) a
(d) no word needed

(a) that
(b) which
(c) those
(d) who

(a) error
(b) mistake
(c) blunder
(d) defect

(b) a
(c) an
(d) great

(a) may
(b) could
(c) should
(d) might

(a) convenient
(b) nice
(c) useful
(d) gainful

(a) since
(b) as
(c) because
(d) no word needed

(a) attitude
(b) aptitudes
(c) perception
(d) viewpoints

(a) a
(b) any
(c) some
(d) the

(a) mind
(b) brain
(c) heart
(d) reason

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